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  1. LEGORick

    Goodyear Territory MT Review (Sasquatch tire)

    Honestly I was relieved when I watched that review a couple days ago. I have no interest in mud tires and was planning on swapping them day one. This Bronco is going to remain on pavement 99% of the time. There's still hope they get a snow rating. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one; it...
  2. LEGORick

    Lightning Blue 2021 Bronco First Edition 2-Door Fastback Soft Top quick driving clip

    Are those the factory mud tires do you think? I wonder what they sound/feel like at those speeds. Anyone considering using it as a daily driver and swapping out the tires?
  3. LEGORick

    👣 First Look at Sasquatch Badge for Base Bronco!

    I honestly can't tell from the responses; are people loving this, hating it? Personally I think this is pretty sweet. I wish the FE badge was more creative instead of just a recolored Badlands.
  4. LEGORick

    Top Car Colors of 2020 (78% White, Black, Gray, or Silver) vs Bronco6G Member Ordered Colors

    I only got LB because it's LE on a FE. All colors being equal, I would have gotten black (which wasn't even a FE option).
  5. LEGORick

    For those of you that have converted your reservation to an order, do you feel relieved?

    Not even a little. Because I went the FE route, I had zero decisions to make at the dealer. Not a single option is orderable yet (fold down rear door table, sound bar, tube doors, underlighting, sooooo many more). My order has been placed but I feel like I still haven't actually ordered...
  6. LEGORick

    Cyber Orange Wildtrak Bronco with graphics decals applied

    I absolutely love the Wildtrak decals and am a little salty that the First Edition ones don't actually say the name of the trim like these do.
  7. LEGORick


    Absolutely! Now just waiting for LEGO to release a Bronco model.
  8. LEGORick

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    Just got my FE order in today. Lightning Blue and black interior with the black modular top. I was originally all-in accepting the MIC top and navy pier interior to get it sooner until I heard about the black interior. Which ended up being a blessing in disguise, so I'm not compromising, and...
  9. LEGORick


    I put my order in earlier today at Woodhouse South. I was the only FE reserved there, so that is pretty cool. They've treated my family good over the years, and they're only about 10 min. from me, so it was more of a convenience thing than a better price option, but they're sticking with MSRP...
  10. LEGORick


    My experience today echos the above. I was expecting accessories to be available to order right away, but my dealer said I'd have to wait until delivery and then come back to have them installed when they arrived. I'm going to try to ask them about the scenario posted above, maybe try to order...
  11. LEGORick

    2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    I ordered my First Edition at my dealer today. None of the accessories I wanted could be ordered (gate table, tube doors, side steps, lights, etc.). I was told I will be able to order them upon my Bronco being delivered and then have to take it back for the install. So much for the idea that...
  12. LEGORick

    📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Long time lurker, first time poster! Just added my order to the list. $1,000 deposit and MSRP + doc fees. The doc fees aren't what really concerns me. Instead, and forgive me if this has been discussed, but when I placed my First Edition order today I was surprised to learn that not only was...