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  1. Macjr

    Where are you from? What are you going to do with your Bronco?

    Upstate/North Country New York -duck hunt, upland, trout fishing/camp/explore up in the Adirondacks -explore Ontario& Quebec once borders open -enjoy life!!
  2. Macjr


    This is BS, they should be thankful for your business...I wouldn’t give them my money. Switch to a dealership that knows basic customer service. My order took 10 minutes and dealer got it right first time...we then checked and double checked before he submitted it. Ordering this Bronco should...
  3. Macjr

    How early would a reservation need to be to safely assume there would be no effect from commodity constraints?

    I have zero clue but perhaps some on here know better… I have no idea if ill get mine early or late in fall..I’m 1 of 14 allocated to dealer with a 7/19 reservation who knows since I have one of the deadly options which can cause delays.. -BD 4cdoor -Sas -2.3 -Mid -Tow
  4. Macjr

    What is your final build?

    Black Diamond Cactus Grey (whitish light-green), Grey-green, turquoisey-grey 😂 4 Door Sasquatch Mid Tow
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  6. Macjr

    Lux Package, Why Can’t I Quit You?

    My Tacoma w the JBL upgrade, mediocre sound and the sub takes up all that great storage space behind rear passenger seat....
  7. Macjr

    Cactus Gray Bronco Big Bend Video by DP Racing

    I don’t feel quite as hesitant about the 8” screen coming with my Black Diamond now…
  8. Macjr

    What are the Wrangler Forums saying about Bronco?

    Not really, more like Toyota needs to get more aggressive, some were impressed Broncos leaving factory with 33’s and 35’s... a little Ford bashing but not too much
  9. Macjr

    What are the Wrangler Forums saying about Bronco?

    im a Tacoma owner and definitely some chatter on Taco forums
  10. Macjr

    Relieved to have the order in and to quit obsessing about builds!

    Ha!! I love this…I’m just as bad. I put my order in on Jan 20 but I still play with Build and Price non stop....I was happy with a CG BD 4 door w SAS Mid and tow...until I saw the 12” screen on the King of Hammers videos...ugh 😩😩😩😩😂😂
  11. Macjr

    Antimatter Blue Outer Banks Sasquatch 4-Door with soft top retracted

    I agree, I thought it was a typo and it was black.
  12. Macjr

    Cactus Gray IS Green!

    I think the fifteen52 wheels in white would look cool on the Cactus Grey Bronco, could be a cool summer tire/wheel setup
  13. Macjr

    Front license plate mount location closeup pic

    I like the stonsho idea, let’s see if they come up with something
  14. Macjr

    Largest best performing A/T tires that fit BASE model rims / wheels?

    I put Falken Wildpeak AT3w’s on my Tacoma TRD Offroad with TRD pro 17 wheels off a 4Runner Pro ..grippy in wet weather, not too loud and are nice looking. I’m very happy with them..keep in mind I only drive 5-7k a year on my Taco so I can’t speak for wear with driving so little
  15. Macjr

    2.3 with oem power pack tune??

    I ordered my 2.3 BD 4 door, Sas...I’ve done a little reading up on the 2.3 ecoboost oem tune available for Ranger... it will give you a few extra ponies and more torque, covered under warranty ..I think it’s around $800. I’m not sure if it’s immediately available, or if it’s on accessories list...
  16. Macjr

    Which color would pull off this look best?

    Iconic then look at some fifteen52 white wheels.... they already sell them for new bronco
  17. Macjr

    How many build changes have you submitted with your dealer?

    Zero.....but I obsessively get lost in Build and Price at least once a day…🤪😂