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  1. Everglades sitting on lot for $15K ADM

    Came across this today, $15k ADM. Whoever said prices are coming down was smoking something. https://acceleride.landroverhanover.com/express/used/1FMEE5DH9NLB58617?source=https%3A%2F%2Fbuyaride.iracars.com%2F&zip=04072&_ga=2.234384726.972401423.1668263767-88597188.1658325279&deal_type=cash
  2. What else can I do with FDRS

    Thinking about springing for a Mongoose cable and a Windows notebook to update the APIM on my Bronco and maybe recalibrate the cameras once I finish relocating front and rear - but wondering if it’s worth it in the long term for just that. Are there any other modules with significant updates...
  3. FluidFilm Black - impressions / reviews?

    Has anyone used FluidFilm Black? How well does it protect against salt brine? Does it stay on? Is it easy to get off in the spring with a hot water and soap spray? I read somewhere it gets pretty gross after a winter. A local guy here puts it on for around $100.
  4. Anderson Composites Fiberglass Hard Top in WHITE

    Not sure if this was posted, it looks like Anderson Composites has a white fiberglass hard top that can now be ordered: https://andersoncomposites.com/products/2021-2022-ford-bronco-fiberglass-hardtop-white-4dr Looks more complete (including a nice inner lining) and nicer than the one from...
  5. FDRS Short Term License

    Curious if anyone’s tried extending their two day FDRS license by changing the clock back or any other shenanigans.
  6. Rotopax and Hammerbuilt… crooked?

    Has anyone else tried to mount a gas can on the Hammerbuilt accessory arm? Mine looks like it’s pointing a good bit outward, toward the passenger side of the vehicle, rather than straight back and it’s making my OCD crazy. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
  7. Why do off-road manufacturer company names sound like bad porn films?

    OK, hear me out. "Rock Hard", "Hammer Built", "Rough Country", "Flow Master", did everyone who's making accessories start out in bad 70s porn? Seriously, though, I get that everyone's selling an image. The "rough and manly" company names are getting pretty eye-rolling though.
  8. 2,000 Watt Inverter on AUX 1?

    The rating for a typical 2,000 watt inverter seems to be around 20 amps. Is there any reason I couldn’t connect this to an aux switch without a relay? Have heard it’s a bad idea in the past, but given the 240a alternator, I’m not sure why this wouldn’t work?
  9. I lost a decibel today by adding 3M molding adhesive to T-top

    Have spent hours following threads on B6G about quieting down my hard top, and not a one made any measurable difference. Finally, today I made a tiny change; added some 3M molding adhesive to the right T-top’s middle seal in front, to stick the rubber down a little more where it meets the left...
  10. What is the appeal of the spare tire delete?

    I just really want to know.
  11. Part Num for 4D Cargo Passenger Side Trim?

    Anyone have the part number for the trim panel for the cargo area of a 4D badlands? I made the mistake of trying to delete some scuffs with magic eraser and erased the finish instead.
  12. Is anyone missing this seal on their hard top?

    Above the window just behind the second row of seats, this little horizontal seal piece is present on the passenger side, but not on the driver side.... Does anyone else have a gap there on the driver side? Before I added my own weatherstripping, it seemed to be a source of road noise.
  13. Are OEM replacement windshields available?

    What is the availability of OE windshields? Ours is cracked and needing to be replaced. I'm wondering how long it's been taking for glass to come in from Ford. Thanks.
  14. Gray box on instrument cluster?

    Does anyone know what this little gray box is doing where the headlights are supposed to be? It showed up for the first time tonight on the instrument cluster. It's not the display, as it disappears during certain animations. Is there some setting somewhere that causes it to appear? Glitchy...
  15. How tight should hard top thumb-screws be?

    Hello all, I recently replaced my hard top bolts with the Rockworkx thumb screws, and haven't been able to find any information on how tight they should be. I have read that making the bolts too tight could cause some cracking, so am trying to be careful, but would like it to be solidly...