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  1. fossil

    The Fender Situation....

    Mud on the flares, you'd most likely have it on the hood, bed cover as well, once in awhile. I've had the flat top fender jeeps as well with no mud on top except when a buddy roosted me. I'll take the flares on my 2021 Bronco 2.7L
  2. fossil

    The Fender Situation....

    Not all that great in real life. Side doors and running boards constantly sprayed by the front tires. Mud and snow plied on the r boards so bad they have to be scraped off to be used. Just saying.
  3. fossil

    will the bronco be cancelled altogether?

    What's the talk about Ford retooling to make respirators? As far as anyone actually knows Ford, GM and Tesla have only OFFERED to help with them if asked. How would a Bronco assembly line even remotely resemble one needed for something the size of a washing machine? Whirlpool, Amana or GE would...
  4. fossil

    Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    New member here and excuse me for butting in, I get it I'm a retired Ford autoworker and let me assure they will not delay production because the reveal is delayed, it's just way too costly. Plant closings due to illness absenteeism at the plant or suppliers is another matter entirely. At this...