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  1. U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    And here I thought it was confirmed that it was just going to be called the Braptor, but you're more in the know than I, so I'll defer to your expertise.
  2. Hybrid electric Bronco engine previewed by revealed 2021 F-150 engine lineup?

    Maybe, but I'm inclined to agree with this to a degree: I wouldn't be surprised to see the 2.7L EcoBoost in the Bronco. I would be surprised, but not disappointed to see the 3.3L NA and 3.0L diesel from the F-150 in the Bronco. I would be shocked to see the Coyote or either of the 3.5Ls in...
  3. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    I'm not up on the rally stuff, so I'll trust your word on that.
  4. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    Haven't they also confirmed (well, leaked) a 2.0L 4 cylinder EcoBoost engine for the Sport? It looks like that 2.0L is usually tuned to put out 245HP and 275 lb-ft. of torque, and is tuned for 5 more of each in a couple of Lincoln models. That beats the tar out of the 2.2L naturally aspirated...
  5. five-door-suzuki-jimny

    Suzuki left the US market because people weren't buying them in enough numbers. Suzuki's US automotive sales peaked at 107,000 units (all nameplates) in 2007, and they basically nose dived from there. I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if Suzuki ever finds it worthwhile to put in the time, effort...
  6. Ford targets April 14 to resume US production

    I'm guessing that big yellow machinery is farm and/or construction equipment, so it makes sense to me that y'all would still be working. Farmers still gotta farm, and construction workers still gotta construct. Those are essential businesses (unless you don't want food and you don't want roads...
  7. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    Might as well buy a Miata.
  8. The Bronco information drip feed

    I'm not a day 1 buyer, so a slippage in production doesn't affect my purchase schedule, but I'm still hoping for more like late winter (thinking late January into February) if it slips at all. The earlier these get into early buyers' hands, the sooner I can start watching YouTube videos and...
  9. five-door-suzuki-jimny

    I had forgotten that the Jimny used a swing gate instead of a lift gate. I appreciate the reminder. That said, I've seen hatchbacks and SUVs with lift gates referred to such that the rear hatch is referred to in the door count. For example:
  10. Bronco Camping Accessories

    You're not kidding on them being expensive. Their cheapest one costs more than I spent buying my Tundra brand new, and more than I expect to spend on a new Bronco.
  11. Hybrid electric Bronco engine previewed by revealed 2021 F-150 engine lineup?

    Looks like the same engines they have now, but with a hybrid option for the 3.5L. Unless that's a completely different 3.5L for the hybrid.
  12. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    OK, not having a shifter like this in the new Bronco is a deal breaker for me now.
  13. five-door-suzuki-jimny

    I'd consider buying one, but I really do like the look of the 2 door over the 4 door (the rear hatch is not a door, it's a rear hatch). I've said before that if the Jimny were being brought to the US, I probably wouldn't even be looking at the Bronco. I stand by that.
  14. 2021 Bronco Vs the Competition based on estimated specs

    I want to make sure I understand what's going on here. You seem to be saying that the IFS the Bronco will most likely get is going to be bad. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. We don't know yet. But you also seem to be talking up a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. If I'm misunderstanding this part, I...
  15. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    Depends on the method. The ForScan and aftermarket disablers may void the warranty. Plugging something into the USB ports or a 110V plug (if equipped) will not void the warranty, but will automatically override the AS/S, at least according to the folks over at the Ranger5G forum.
  16. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    Yes, but who wants to have to push that button every time you get in and start it? There are ways to at least semi-permanently disable it, and those are what I was talking about.
  17. Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    I remember being told 10" when I was shopping for my 2011 Tundra, but I may be remembering incorrectly, so 10.5" might be right.
  18. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    I can pretty much guarantee that the Bronco will come with auto start/stop. There are several ways to disable it (keep something plugged into the USB ports, night light plugged into the 110v socket if equipped, ForScan, aftermarket plug-in disablers). The presence of AS/S should not be a deal...
  19. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    I would prefer a naturally aspirated engine for the sheer sake of simplicity, even if it's the 3.3L V-6 that serves as the base engine in the F-150. It's just not a deal breaker for me.
  20. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    I'm not hung up on engine options. I can live with a 2.3L EcoBoost. Sure, I would like something bigger, but my first vehicle was a GMC Sonoma with a 2.2L naturally aspirated I4. I have no doubt the small EcoBoost would be better than that. I'm not hung up on transmissions. I hope all of...