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  1. BroncoBoy22

    Badlands Concept Steps from SEMA

    I could be wrong but I believe FoMoCo
  2. BroncoBoy22

    How extreme are you?

    Level 4 will prob be max for me
  3. BroncoBoy22

    Mod top and painted grill

    Absolutely!! I’ll be updating my sig to look for someone in SoCal haha
  4. BroncoBoy22

    Hard Top Storage Options

    Excellent!! And I think the bronco’a back crossbar would mainly affect the 2 door huh? Seems to have enough space on the 4 door already
  5. BroncoBoy22

    Hard Top Storage Options

    Think I’m gonna wait for the topliftpro version for the bronco. Expensive as crap but by far the easiest and fool proof method
  6. BroncoBoy22

    Mod top and painted grill

    I hope it does come with the painted grill and mirror covers or I’ll be looking for a wildtrak owner to trade lol
  7. BroncoBoy22

    Sasquatch Badges for First Edition, Black Diamond and Big Bend Broncos!

    Thanks for getting the pics! Can't wait to see the Badlands SAS one. I wish they had just left it alone but I understand they were trying to make another Easter egg I'll be copying the OEM design but changing the colors since I can't stand the orange/yellow from the badlands badge
  8. BroncoBoy22

    Closeups of Black Diamond Antimatter Blue 4-Door Bronco

    It was confirmed on BN awhile back that all the dash tops will be textured with the same finish
  9. BroncoBoy22

    📸: Cactus Gray 4 door Wildtrak

    Give me that wet cement baby! Love Fighter Jet Gray in these pics!
  10. BroncoBoy22

    How to: Remove / Swap Grille on 2021 Bronco [DIY Instructions Videos]

    Love it! Can't wait to see the process for taking fenders off
  11. BroncoBoy22

    Current commodity lists

    Another reason is the butt ugly interior color combos. Some people picked BL to avoid other interior colors
  12. BroncoBoy22

    Spotted in Michigan today

    Great finds! Thanks for sharing!
  13. BroncoBoy22

    Will the Black MIC Top Fade - How Protect it?

    Lots of misinformation in this thread re: the material of the MIC and Mod tops. Paging @ZackDanger
  14. BroncoBoy22

    In-Person Closeup Pics of 2-Door Bronco Wildtrak at Ricart Ford + Impressions

    Bahahahah! It looks much better than before. But yeah still going MOD top. Glad the MIC is improved
  15. BroncoBoy22

    A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    No worries Eric! I can only speak for myself but I’ve seen enough of how you work on here not to be worried about this in the slightest 👌🏾
  16. BroncoBoy22

    Who else is dealing with this?

    3 people told me they’ve seen Broncos on the street. They were all bronco sports lol
  17. BroncoBoy22

    👣 First look at Outer Banks Sasquatch Badge

    I second this. @LEGEND maybe Stig? I was gonna make stock badges in alternate colors for people but now need to see the design for all the Sasquatch variations
  18. BroncoBoy22

    Velocity Blue Metallic thread

    I don’t like the orange with blue so I’m switching seats with a black Diamond owner