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  1. pan-y-cerveza

    No more tunes in Cali?? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    So this guy put in a tune that wasn't legal in his state and then is surprised it doesn't pass? Politics and state regulations aside you need to do your homework. This is like straight-piping your vehicle and then blaming "the man" when you fail.
  2. pan-y-cerveza

    CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    I came across some different information today on how different people are green. I'm in a Facebook group that tracks the northern lights. The discussion from last night's northern lights appearance was how some saw them to be white, while to others, (like me) they were most definitely bright...
  3. pan-y-cerveza

    My Dealer wants a credit check before placing my order... Anyone else?

    Canadian here. No credit check. I've ordered three vehicles in the last year with no credit checks. With the possibility of waiting up to a year for delivery what good is a credit check anyway? I can tank my credit score in that time.
  4. pan-y-cerveza

    Bronco production line equipment suffers fire

    I doubt this will cause a tangible delay. They'll have it back up and running quickly.
  5. pan-y-cerveza

    Changing your own oil?

    Buying synthetic when it's on sale will save a fair bit of money over paying someone to do it. Doesn't take long, isn't as hard to get rid of as some say, and you know what went in and know it was done right. I'll definitely take it in if I'm feeling lazy, or the truck is in for something...
  6. pan-y-cerveza

    Opening the doors and windows dropping...??

    o_O I'll let you pour hot water on your window when it's -30 first so I can see how that works out for you. A spray bottle of 2/3 rubbing alcohol and 1/3 water is a much better plan.
  7. pan-y-cerveza

    Opening the doors and windows dropping...??

    I'm just hoping it doesn't become a problem. I broke my door handle off my truck this winter because of a frozen door. It snowed a bunch, melted, then turned real cold again so the melt froze in the door jambs and seals. Quite often I end up with frozen windows that won't roll down. I park...
  8. pan-y-cerveza

    Dealer Documentation etc fees?

    Don't forget that without you the dealer doesn't have a Bronco. If they don't sell it to you it's a total loss. It's not like they can turn around and sell it to the next guy. Any profit they make, no matter the deal, is more than they make if you walk away from the Bronco.
  9. pan-y-cerveza

    How Long will the Bronco be in Production?

    You can feel free to believe this but it is 100% wrong to blame gas prices on a single entity. Whatever you believe that to be. Go Google this and come back to me, PM is fine, with any evidence that shows that gas prices have gone up due to a single reason.
  10. pan-y-cerveza

    How Long will the Bronco be in Production?

    The rise since December is because of a number of things (like many changes in gas/oil pricing) including an increase of crude oil use in the northern states during the winter, Saudi Arabia cutting oil production (to level out pandemic supply and demand), and of course the recent spike due to...
  11. pan-y-cerveza

    2021 Bronco 2-Door Cargo Area Dimensions + Storage Bins Dimensions (Measurements)

    Jokes aside... I've mentioned it on this forum before I think, but all these coolers that taper down do it the wrong way. I get that it might make for easier access but if the taper went the other way you'd get more usable space and it would fit behind back seats much better which is where...
  12. pan-y-cerveza

    2021 Bronco 2-Door Cargo Area Dimensions + Storage Bins Dimensions (Measurements)

    Guess what...a Yeti 65 is one inch narrower than your specific cooler. So it will fit. I think....i didn't look to hard at the cargo numbers. :Likely the more popular cooler. How is Ford supposed to design a vehicle that fits every single cooler dimension that someone decides is "beach party...
  13. pan-y-cerveza

    What do we know about the default stereo?

    You don't need the sound bar for that. It's also not an "add on" for the stock system. It's just a fancy-dancy [edit: it's not even really that fancy] Bluetooth speaker that is independant from the vehicle stereo and head unit.
  14. pan-y-cerveza

    What do we know about the default stereo?

    Depending on your data plan you don't need any storage. I stream while driving most of the time. If I'm going on a road trip I'll download a fair bit from Spotify. It's not that hard to put 78gb on a modern phone. I certainly don't need that much to get through a day anyway. I also don't feel...
  15. pan-y-cerveza

    What do we know about the default stereo?

    Ha. I don't want to make you feel old or anything but 8 tracks are before my time. I've never actually even seen one in real life :oops:
  16. pan-y-cerveza

    Front license plate mount location closeup pic

    It's tough to tell but it looks like those dimples are about 10-11" apart.
  17. pan-y-cerveza

    POLL: Does your spouse know you're buying a Bronco?

    English is his second language. He's French.
  18. pan-y-cerveza

    POLL: Is Anyone's Spouse Buying Them A Bronco?

    My wife is, by far, the bread winner of the house. So essentially she's buying it. We both worked hard and made huge concessions over the years to put her through med school and finish with zero debt. A new Bronco is sort of my "gift" for driving crappy vehicles and working hard just to keep...
  19. pan-y-cerveza

    Cactus Gray IS Green!

    What does your worst girl see?