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  1. Nickp

    Practicing for when the bronco arrives. Southern California Carrol Canyon OHV Area

    That thing is awesome! Nice to learn a bit on a cheaper vehicle!
  2. Nickp

    Base Model Bronco Thread

    Very good call, basically the same as my build. I wish we could do mid package on base but none of those items are worth the $5k+ increase to get them.
  3. Nickp

    Will the new Bronco rat you out?

    They listen when you’re specifically talking to your Alexa, but they don’t start listening until you say “Alexa”. Which is what people think is happening.
  4. Nickp

    Will the new Bronco rat you out?

    Someone blew my mind about this. Your phone Alexa etc is not listening to you. Full stop. They just aren’t. BUT. The algorithms they have are so ridiculously good that it seems like they are because of how targeted the ads are. They don’t even need to listen to you to know what you’re talking...
  5. Nickp

    Rotors look small

    Aftermarket. The smaller brakes will be perfectly adequate for stopping power, they will probably just warp really fast. (That’s what happened to my Jeep which is similar rotor size at least) Toss on a big Brake kit with your first pad and rotor change. Boom.
  6. Nickp

    How the Bronco's Modular Platform Allows for Easy Customization and Modifications

    Very very cool. It’s apparent that there was a lot of engineering put into these features, which bodes well for the longevity of Bronco.
  7. Nickp

    Tear Down Videos - Taking Apart the 2021 Bronco (Car and Driver, Motor1)

    All the concerns about this stuff getting stolen... lol. I just always go back to the “bike locks shouldn’t be legal” Not necessarily about bike locks but with a creative imagination people can be insanely destructive. It’s just that 99% of people aren’t like that. I’d be way more concerned...
  8. Nickp

    Your first Bronco, or repeat offender?

    My dad bought a Bronco II when he moved out here from the east coast in 1990. Had that for 8 or 9 years until I was 3 or 4 and then sold it for a second gen explorer(car seats). I just barely remember it, so I guess that kinda counts?
  9. Nickp

    Am I the only redneck on here planning a pure redneck build?.

    Maverick do I have the song for you my man
  10. Nickp

    In-Person Closeup Pics of 2-Door Bronco Wildtrak at Ricart Ford + Impressions

    C’mon Jim THEY’RE LISTENING! 😂😂😂
  11. Nickp

    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Launch Edition starts at $74,995

    110% it’s super cool. It’s just cool in the same way a Dodge Viper is cool, it’s just absurdly ridiculous. But I like my “cool” a bit more refined and balanced. In the real world I’d rather have a Mustang GT500 over that viper, or a 2.7/3.0 ecoboost Bronco over the wrangler 392. It just makes...
  12. Nickp

    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Launch Edition starts at $74,995

    37’s+ 470 horsepower will definitely grenade a Dana 44 if you’re not careful. And yes it has other upgrades, which is why I specified that the driveline is basically stock. I will also specify that I’m talking about actually off roading the thing. If all you do is race red lights and go to the...
  13. Nickp

    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Launch Edition starts at $74,995

    It’s got fox shocks and an upgraded transmission but everything else is from the rubicon or Mojave gladiator. Still Dana 44’s.... which you will grenade if you’re not careful. Especially if you put 37’s on it like literally everyone is going to do. Every single one of these will get tons down...
  14. Nickp

    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Launch Edition starts at $74,995

    Ford: Here’s an upgrade for your Bronco engine if you want to be faster than stock. It gets you an additional 40 horsepower and 90 foot-pounds for $1895. Jeep: Here’s an upgrade for your wrangler rubicon if you want to go faster than stock. It gets you an additional 200 horsepower and 200...
  15. Nickp

    Prototype Testing in AZ and NV - 2-door BL / BD (November 2020)

    My only question; was Bronco built for Arizona or was Arizona built for the Bronco?
  16. Nickp

    Goodyear Territory MT Review (Sasquatch tire)

    Just a guess but Ford probably wanted a good street tire most for the ‘squatch. Anybody serious about off roading is going to stop by discount tire on the way home and throw on a set of nitto trail grapplers or KM3’s.
  17. Nickp

    Theft Prevention...

    That is hilarious
  18. Nickp

    Front license plate placement on Antimatter Blue Base Bronco

    I do not personally care about front plates for the most part, I have an AZ flag plate on my Jeep. But that is really bad lol.
  19. Nickp

    Campfire Camaraderie/Shop Talk - Shout out to Benchmade Knives!

    I liked my benchmade mini grip, however I’m very partial to my Spyderco Para 3. Just an awesome knife although it could use a sharpening.