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  1. Rednek

    Video: Bronco Wildtrak 4-door Cyber Orange walkaround and good interior views [Dominic Pericak]

    Well at least he will be old enough to drive when they finally deliver our Broncos in 4 yrs
  2. Rednek

    To those that get your Bronco this summer...

    ^^^hope he ordered MGV lol,And maybe i will do some in the shop style videos on Bronco when they start arriving at the dealer(Canada so someone will prob beat me to it)
  3. Rednek

    No more tunes in Cali?? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Move to Alberta,no smogs here
  4. Rednek

    Race Red WildTrak looking right at home in the wild

    Me likes dirty girl
  5. Rednek

    Cyber Orange vs Yellow

  6. Rednek

    Shots fired.

  7. Rednek

    Delivery Inspection To Do's (w/ Checklist)

    Crap i'm gonna hate working at a dealership,us Bronco enthusiasts are picky!
  8. Rednek

    Changing your own oil?

    I will change my own oil,but i work in the dealership shop so nevermind. 🤪
  9. Rednek

    Opening the doors and windows dropping...??

    Up here in igloo land we wipe the weatherstrips clean and silicone spray them every wash,never a problem.
  10. Rednek

    This is not a cup holder!

    we gots dis covered
  11. Rednek

    If you think the Bronco is overpriced...

    Inheritance pffft who needs that!
  12. Rednek

    Before and After pictures: Ordering vs. Getting your Bronco!! (FUN Thread!!)

    Good thing i do the warranty on vehicles 🤣🤣
  13. Rednek

    Before and After pictures: Ordering vs. Getting your Bronco!! (FUN Thread!!)

    This is what my dealer will see after delivery
  14. Rednek

    Canadian Orders-Dealer Deposit?

    more dealer doo-doo,no refund no thanks!
  15. Rednek

    Broncos on the big screen.

    On one of my outdoors videos on You tube
  16. Rednek

    Am I the only redneck on here planning a pure redneck build?.

    The redneck is strong within this one
  17. Rednek

    #theSnowBronco in Detroit

    how many cupholders?
  18. Rednek

    Dealer Documentation etc fees?

    in most cases if you can get at msrp your winning!