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  1. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    I’m under that impression too, but my dealer said “they think it’s only fair they went with who gave their order first”... hopefully they have no influence or any way to manipulate it.
  2. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Spied! Riding on 35's, Classic 4-Slot Wheel Design and White Grille!

    What’s with the last pic of the white five lug wheels? arent rangers and Broncos six lug? many one found the perfect retro wheel yet to swap onto their Broncos before the heritage comes out?
  3. Sasquatching my Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    I didn’t articulate my feelings well enough: I barely care enough to quickly comment in the thread I was reading that mentions it... certainly not enough to search for it. But thanks, I wasn’t aware this forum had a search feature.
  4. Cactus Gray Ranger in full sunshine

    Toyota lunar rock swing and miss
  5. 📷 Factory Broncos: Modular Black Top + Headlight Assembly, Tail Light Assembly, Puddle Lights

    Is that velocity blue between the white Bronco and white ranger, or lightning?
  6. Any BASS (audio) heads out there???

    Factory “premium audio” I’m torn on. Dodges Alpine system sucks. Subarus Harmon Karden system is phenomenal. I habe a set up of 3 10” subs in a sealed box powered by a 1000w Memphis amp... but the amp burned out. want to look into powered amps to put under the front seats, and aftermarket...
  7. To Order or Not to Order, that is the question??

    It chaps my ass fucking RAW that I have to order my 21 JUST before the 2022 details get released, and that the 2022 details will emerge LONG before I even get my 2021. This process is absurd and whoever makes these decisions should be working at a Foot Locker. And PLEASE someone tell me why/how...
  8. "Ground Clearance" measured from?

    Subaru is consistently ranked anywhere from 1-8 in reliability in the industry while Ford is typically in the 20s. and burning oil is a characteristic of flat fours.
  9. Closeups of painted 2021 Bronco body frame colors! -- Velocity Blue, Antimatter Blue, Area 51, Cactus Gray, Rapid Red, Iconic Silver + Future Colors?!

    Is this true? White can be painted over so you save all the labor cost of sanding down existing paint? Or will they still have to sand through the clear coat? how much do you think it would cost to bring a white two door and get it resprayed?
  10. "Ground Clearance" measured from?

    Listen I’m not Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, but 11.5 with 35s, equals 8.5 for the Big Bend. stock Subaru Forester is 8.7, with a very economical 2” lift, 10.7... less than an inch off a SAAAAAZZZZZQUAAAAAAATCCCCHHHH. Tee hee...
  11. Delivery to the public

    Damn so you’re saying I shouldn’t get a base?
  12. Delivery to the public

    I wish I could like this three times
  13. Delivery to the public

    This is going to be tricky. everyone gets delivery. everyone starts doing shit to theirs and posting. the Internet might shut down.
  14. Delivery to the public

    How will we (the forum) handle the slow delivery to the public? do we start one thread, and every buyer posts when they take delivery? can the server or whatever (as if I know anything about running a website) handle a new thread for every delivery? is it poor form and etiquette lacking to...
  15. Rotors look small

    Good! 15”s here I come!!
  16. Pricing base 2 door vs big bend 2 door

    Just read a trim review on Car and Driver and they state the Big Bend grille is carbonized gray which match the wheels? I thought the wheels are more black. And in b&p is you select carbonized gray paint, the grille looks lighter and the wheels look darker. think car and driver is wrong, or...
  17. Geez

    I would love to see the additional dealer mark up on the first 2021 Bronco that becomes available to the public.