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  1. Bronco21fan

    Been wondering about the Oil .....

    us 2.7 liter people better pray we don’t have the issues with oil leaking and the gaskets on the pan like I seen in some of the f150 forums hope they fixed the issues with the plastic pan
  2. Bronco21fan

    Been wondering about the Oil .....

    Yes the 2.7 liter uses a plastic oil pan on the f150 I think some of there other engines might use it as well not sure if the bronco will have it if someone wants to chime in please do should this be a worry
  3. Bronco21fan

    Oasis Blue Trailblazer! Check out the color+Poll

    Looks like Miami blue Porsche has
  4. Bronco21fan

    Been wondering about the Oil .....

    Is the 2.7 on bronco going to use the crappy plastic oil pan still and have they fixed them so they don’t leak oil like the f150 ones I read about
  5. Bronco21fan

    Am I missing something?

    Get the ky jelly ready for when they tell you your going to have to pay Adm if you have t got a price worked out yet are they giving you msrp pricing or invoice
  6. Bronco21fan

    Bronco production line equipment suffers fire

    Starting to sense some bad juju regarding the bronco my heart telling me everything will be fine but my head is telling me to run and don’t look back I’m also tired of hearing COVID 19 used as an excuse for everything including peoples incompetence
  7. Bronco21fan

    Names that don't make any sense.

    The greatest game of all time can’t wait for the new halo ford should do a halo warthog themed bronco color that green would be fire
  8. Bronco21fan

    Engine options...

    Has it been confirmed if the 2.7 liter in bronco will use the shitty plastic oil pan like the f150 read a lot of bad things about it leaking all the time
  9. Bronco21fan

    How do you guys think MGV will hold up over Time VS Leather ? ? ? ?

    Like people have said the leather in ford vehicles is not real leather like you would see in expensive audis or Mercedes Benz it’s called leatherette I bealve fake leather but get the job done. I’m used to using leather conditioner to keep my seats in great shape for marine grade vinyl what...
  10. Bronco21fan


    Agree go there in person phone calls and emails don’t get shit done anymore they just ignore them.
  11. Bronco21fan


    This is where you fucked up spoke to them on phone and se t them pdf should have went in person a nd ordered . Most of these salesman are a bunch of damn retards that should be flipping burgers
  12. Bronco21fan


    so What are they doing to make it wright did they change the order how did they order the wrong bronco if you were in person at the dealer. Do yourself a favor call ford and move your reservation but then that’s going to take a couple weeks if you had a bad feeling about this dealer you should...
  13. Bronco21fan

    How to: Remove / Swap Grille on 2021 Bronco [DIY Instructions Videos]

    Let’s hope ford releases an old school looking grill for it I’d be all over that I like the black diamond grill but if there is something more old school looking I’d be all over it
  14. Bronco21fan

    Survey-What color are you going with?

    The 2. most popular colors on the forums are Area 51 followed bye cactus gray surprisingly cyber Orange is not that popular cause it looks more yellow than orange it’s been compared to school bus yellow . I myself am getting cactus gray
  15. Bronco21fan

    Bronco Sport Recall: Incorrect Front Lower Control Arms - Rollover Risk

    This kind of publicity is bad for the bronco name and image
  16. Bronco21fan

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Just waiting for may email from ford like everyone else for delivery estimate
  17. Bronco21fan

    Goat Modes ? dealer has me confused when trying to convert order today.

    I think your dealer is full of shit I ordered black diamond but got the advanced I have heard no such news of standered 4x4 limiting modes
  18. Bronco21fan

    Gun Racks & Storage [*** Storage Talk Only *** No Glorification, States, Laws, or Politics]

    I seen in the 200 acesories list there were a couple lock box options but no pics I live in a communist state so got to be careful transporting to range magazines have to be separate from fire arm and ammo has to be separate I shoot sporting clays and am getting a 2 door was told my beretta...