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  1. Bronco Camping Accessories

    Omg I was on a video conference with my family and my aunt was telling a sad story as I was looking at your post and I couldn’t stop laughing. That first trailer looks ridiculous lololol
  2. Bronco Camping Accessories

    That is a rad setup. Pretty similar in cost to the smittybilt. I’ll have to take a look and do a good comparison.
  3. Bronco Camping Accessories

    Check out patriot trailers out of Australia. They are very very expensive but very cool.
  4. Bronco Camping Accessories

    You are correct, dry weight for that trailer is about 1500lbs and that was was loaded to about 2700lb. I did a bit more research and found out the trailer was 200 lbs overweight, the tongue weight was 385 lbs which is like 35lbs over. These numbers ford puts out do have safety factors so that...
  5. Bronco Camping Accessories

    I’d be interested to see what they did to bend their frame rail with a little 1000lb trailer.
  6. Bronco Camping Accessories

    I like that wooden one but that seems too nice to be on a trail lol. This is what I’m looking at. Kitchen In the back. Bed inside... matching wheels of course.
  7. Bronco Camping Accessories

    The iKamper was the rig I was eyeing if I made that investment. Anyone have any opinions of “off-road” small trailers(teardrops). I know they aren’t going to be usable on very rough terrain but they seem pretty capable.
  8. Bronco Camping Accessories

    This is exactly the type of stuff I was hoping to hear from this thread. That rooftop hoist would be killer. Great idea!
  9. Bronco Camping Accessories

    I really hope there is a roof rack that doesn’t interfere with removal of the roof too much. That would be slick!!
  10. Bronco Camping Accessories

    The bronco has a huge camping heritage. Even one of the symbols on the camo is a tent. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of tent integration from factory.
  11. Bronco Camping Accessories

    Haha its not that I fear the wildlife, my wolf dog will scare most creatures away anyways. But with integrated mattress pads I hear they are very comfy and can be convenient depending on brand and $$$$
  12. Bronco Camping Accessories

    What do you think Ford will offer as far as camping accessories? I thought I liked the idea of a rooftop tent but I hear that they aren’t that great when it’s windy and most jeep campers would prefer to sleep in the cab. They also make removing your hard top much more difficult. BUT I’m 90%...
  13. The Fender Situation....

    Let’s get back on topic guys.
  14. The Bronco information drip feed

    Hey..uhh.. “administrator”... maybe you could leak some info about the accessories that will be launched for the bronco...
  15. The Fender Situation....

    I’m torn on this. I do love the BroncoR fenders and how they remind me of my first mustangs fenders. But I am happy that Ford didn’t over do the metal fender and added a plastic option(s!) Those metal fenders that pop out are going to get damaged on a trail. With all the fender options available...
  16. States more interested in the 2021 Bronco over Jeep and other competitors

    This in more than enough of a reason to launch this NOW! I KNOW YOU ARE LISTENING YOU COUARD!
  17. New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    Just give me a bronco customizer to hold me over while my state is shutdown.
  18. Photoshopped Colors! For your enjoyment as we wait!

    Blue body, white top, white rims
  19. New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    H ey man I still have..1.........2.. both!