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  1. DeltaBravo

    Missing Order

    All the customs service jerks
  2. DeltaBravo

    Base Model Bronco Thread

    Base Bronco is the best bronco.
  3. DeltaBravo

    What are the differences between Base Sasquatch and Black Diamond Sasquatch?

    I honestly can’t justify the price jump from the basesquanch to the BDsquanch.
  4. DeltaBravo

    I mean, hear me out...

    All these choices suck. Just call it SAMSQUANCH
  5. DeltaBravo

    Crippling Indecision Discussion

    Base SAMSQUANCH is the best bang for your buck. Don’t believe me? Ask mikes mom
  6. DeltaBravo

    Rotors look small

    Someones gona develop a big brake kit or just get whatever the ranger raptor has and retrofit that SUMMITCH!
  7. DeltaBravo

    Bronco Moment X - New Color Shown?

  8. DeltaBravo

    How the Bronco's Modular Platform Allows for Easy Customization and Modifications

    Seriously. Send me the rolling frame and a crate of parts. My lego days could come in handy
  9. DeltaBravo

    Trade in crew: What will you miss most from your current ride?

    as much as I love the challenger. It only does one thing really well while I feel like the added capability of the bronco is more appealing. 14 years working in disaster response I am accustomed to something more rugged.
  10. DeltaBravo

    Trade in crew: What will you miss most from your current ride?

    485hp stock from the factory and retro muscle car looks
  11. DeltaBravo

    Granger Ford - New vehicle break in process

    I thought the breakin process was KOH
  12. DeltaBravo

    Sasquatch Badges for First Edition, Black Diamond and Big Bend Broncos!

    I mean those are cool and all but mine gets this badge!
  13. DeltaBravo

    2 door with RTT?

    I am. But you seem to get what you pay for. Lots of options and prices are all over between 5000-25k
  14. DeltaBravo

    This is not a cup holder!

    Im just mad that cars dont come with cup holders to accommodate my 750ml bottle of bourbon. GET IT TOGETHER FORD!!!!!
  15. DeltaBravo

    Current commodity lists

    Oh well... Ill have mine when I have mine.
  16. DeltaBravo

    Baldy-locks and the 3 Sasquatches