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  1. 6 year loans "average" now

    The Bronco will be the first vehicle I'll spend over $11K on.
  2. Bronco "Raptor" to Launch as 2023 Model Year

    Too true. My in laws are a dealer and with what's going on now, well, just think about it.
  3. Coronovirus discussions

  4. Coronovirus discussions

    There's a DG less than a mile from the house, unfortunately they don't have TP or bread.
  5. Coronovirus discussions

    It was a bad time to realize we were almost out of TP. Had to get a 6 pack from the in laws. Can't find bread, may have to break out the loaf pans this week end.
  6. 2021 Bronco Press Preview Officially Delayed... Reveal Delayed Also?

    Yeah, Cnet also reported this. Bummer.
  7. What's Your Price Cap?

    There's hope for lower prices. My local dealer has a 4x4 Ranger Sport for $35k, that's the lowest I've seen on a 4x4 Ranger locally.
  8. Towing capacity??

    The new D90 can tow 8,201 lbs, really hope the Bronco can match that so I can tow my tractor.
  9. What if 2-door Bronco is longer than it looks?

    This thread got fun. I really hope it is longer than it looks.
  10. Bronco 4 Door rendered in 2021 colors (animated)

    Would like a green with a white top. If not, then I'll take that super obnoxious orange.
  11. What's Your Price Cap?

    Hopefully it's good on plan pricing. I'll let my SIL demo one and get it at a steep discount like my wife's Escape.
  12. Photoshopped Colors! For your enjoyment as we wait!

    Green, white top, V6. Read that the row your own was going to be mated to the 4 cylinder.
  13. 2021 Bronco Lifted!!!! (Rendered Based Off Leak)....

    There are good dealers and there are BAD DEALERS! Good grief.
  14. New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    Wonder how one would attached a snorkel? Stoked about the 2 door; just me, the wife and the dog.
  15. Report: 2021 Bronco to come with manual transmission, 33" tires, 17" wheels

    Sorry, not plural. The sway bar can be disconnected for better off road travel.
  16. Report: 2021 Bronco to come with manual transmission, 33" tires, 17" wheels

    It'll also have disconnecting sway bars.
  17. Leaked Image Shows 2020 Ford Bronco Silhouette Behind the Baby Bronco

    Man, people really need to read the entire thread before getting all bent out of shape! This is the Baby Bronco, it was announced awhile back that there would be a larger Bronco, a smaller Bronco and then an hybrid option on the smaller one. I'm really digging the look of the Baby Bronco here...