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  1. 2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    Road and Track just ran an article on this full size Bronco now too.
  2. Bronco Sport

    Sweet color!
  3. Bronco Sport

    Road and Track already published a story with these photos.
  4. Bronco Sport

    I like the two tone
  5. Bronco Sport

    I had to sign up for the Bronco Sport forum myself to get access to comment
  6. Bronco Sport

    I wonder what the drivers side door badge is?
  7. Bronco Sport

    Looks like gas door is on drivers side
  8. Bronco Sport

    @ChrispyKC Do you know, or are you assuming?
  9. Bronco Sport

    I didn't have any troubles logging in. That is a production ready unit. Wondering about the slick tires though? Also, Bronco Sport. And what is that yellow colored badge on the drivers side door?
  10. Locking Transfer Case

    @Stampede.Offroad Which one is the mystery? The fourth one?
  11. Ford's Leadership and Financial Situation Effect On Bronco

    @ChrispyKC Thanks for the wise words. If you're hinting at the lifted fusion wagon, I've seen some spy pics floating around. You're right about the 1%. I wonder if offering a slushbox in the Focus ST would have saved it? The VW Golf offers both. It seems that Ford is at least offering a...
  12. Locking Transfer Case

    So your saying there is a chance that it will be at the Iowa Auto Show in a week and a half from today. LoL
  13. Locking Transfer Case

    I'm surprised there is not more chatter here. I suppose we are just to close to the reveal? Has anyone heard anything on the reveal venue? I thought I saw the Dallas Auto show as one potential.
  14. Midwest Checking In!

    @ChrispyKC Agreed there my friend! I just wish I knew what you knew about the Bronco. Guess we won't have to wait to much longer to get some good info. I'm curious how much info will actually be revealed initially? Or will they keep in general, then release more information at later events?
  15. Short bed raptor is *not* bronco related

    So re-reading this whole thread. Those in the know seem to be saying that this is a Bronco R that will be a limited run and not street legal. Perhaps since Ford is now the main sponsor for King of the Hammers, this is a Bronco R that they will have for sale for races like that. Similar to the...
  16. Short bed raptor is *not* bronco related

    @93_SVT_3503 Yes, I've read the thread. I did not see any link to the Autoblog video that came out on Monday though. I thought it would be of interest and pertinent to this thread.
  17. Short bed raptor is *not* bronco related

    About to blow your minds! So not sure that someone pointed this out yet, but it has an RPG skid plate. Looks like RPG only manufactures F-150 accessories...
  18. Locking Transfer Case

    Guys, Interesting breakdown here. Button#1 - I can't quite tell what this one is. In the past Ford has used an 'A' with an arrow around it for the auto start button. It does not look like that to me. Maybe a hill decent control? Second thought would be some type of sway disconnect as it...
  19. List of 2021 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

    True KC. I also wonder if the colors shown are simply the standard paint and there will be extra cost paint colors that are not shown there?
  20. Ford's Leadership and Financial Situation Effect On Bronco

    Well, not surprising here. You stop selling all your cars (minus the Mustang) in the states and then partially flub the release of the new Explorer (and Lincoln) variant. You've lost all the car fleet sales and regular sales for cars that you didn't really try to keep competitive. The Taurus...