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  1. bbostic5

    Another KOH Bronco ride along video

    Fellow millennial Brad here. Thad and Chad are way worse.
  2. bbostic5

    Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    If they were doing "the best they can" they wouldn't tote around products that we can't buy. It's not hard to drive around pre production Broncos that don't have white tops.
  3. bbostic5

    Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    As great as the Bronco is, Ford has been disingenuous at every turn.
  4. bbostic5

    Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    2 door. My wife will have a big SUV here shortly, and since the Bronco will be the first time I'm going all out on a new car, I'm doing it exactly how I want it. As of now, that's a 2 door, Black Diamond, stick, maybe mid package, with Cactus Gray and a (hopefully) white top.
  5. bbostic5

    Bronco White Tops, Multiple Vinyl Interior Colors & More Confirmed at Ford Employee Event

    I'm late here, but thanks so much. Very good info to look forward to and #7 is amazing news.
  6. bbostic5

    Introducing the Bronco Four-Door Outer Banks Fishing Guide (Accessories) Concept

    Anyone notice the rear diff cover on the two door trail rig?
  7. bbostic5

    Report: 2022 Bronco Hybrid Will Get a 3.0-Liter V6, Up To 450+ HP

    It's too bad the manual they're using can't handle the power/torque this puts out. Manual hybrid would be sweet (and Sasquatch).
  8. bbostic5

    Report: 2022 Bronco Hybrid Will Get a 3.0-Liter V6, Up To 450+ HP

    I wonder if this will power the Raptor/top tier version, or be available for multiple trims.
  9. bbostic5

    Ford Update: Bronco Build & Price coming in **SEPTEMBER** with ordering in December

    What happened to August? And why is it that we have to get our info from Levine’s Twitter replies? Such bs.
  10. bbostic5

    Ford's Leadership and Financial Situation Effect On Bronco

    Plus, money now is worth less than it was then.
  11. bbostic5

    The Next Generation Of RAPTORS!

    As heavy as the Squatch is, a hybrid raptor Bronco would be obese. Still plenty fast though with that engine.
  12. bbostic5

    2.7 L Bolt-On Mods for Bronco to make power

    Tune Intercooler Downpipes Should be all I need if I decide to go beyond stock. Especially if flex fuel is an option.
  13. bbostic5

    Now 300 Bronco Accessories!!

    With the hype and how much money there is to be made off the Bronco, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s 1000+ official accessories on the website within a year of it going on sale. The aftermarket is licking it’s chops.
  14. bbostic5

    Badlands vs. BadSquatch (Badlands + Sasquatch) Comparison Chart

    And stronger front axle, which Badlands also has.
  15. bbostic5

    How well will Bronco with Sasquatch drive and handle on the streets ?

    With IFS and the right gearing, it should ride fine. Probably noisy though.
  16. bbostic5

    Video: 2021 Bronco doors and hardtop roof installation

    BD doesn't have a front locker, 35 beadlocks, bilsteins, 4.7 final drive, and the upgraded front axle either