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  1. Mustang313

    The Bronco information drip feed

    Just saw this pop up on my feed from sister site Bronco Sport Forum 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Spied Nearly Undisguised From Every Angle
  2. Mustang313

    2021 Bronco Press Preview Officially Delayed... Reveal Delayed Also?

    The article below and this post from BroncoMan below confirms that the March 18th press preview is officially canceled/postponed due to the coronavirus. Question now is whether Ford is going through with the reveal, maybe in a purely online event?
  3. Mustang313

    Reuters says March 17th reveal for new Bronco

    It wouldn't be far fetched at all *if* the Bronco was revealed to the press and online on the 17th followed up by all the dealer-specific info hitting the dealer's computers and mailboxes the day after.
  4. Mustang313

    Dealer Bulletin Confirms March 18 Official Reveal for Bronco!?

    Could be but 15min long presentation? Doubt that.
  5. Mustang313

    Dealer Bulletin Confirms March 18 Official Reveal for Bronco!?

    I found this posted elsewhere. It's apparently going out to all the "Bronco Specialists" Can't wait!
  6. Mustang313

    NYIAS will be postponed

    Have to wonder whether Ford will decide to delay the official reveal. Even an online live streamed event will have a live audience of invitees from the media and Ford employees... it's hard to imagine they will want to reveal it to an empty room with no applause. It's like how athletes dont want...
  7. Mustang313

    NYIAS will be postponed

    They officially announced it's delayed now. Just got this email. Organizers Announce Rescheduling of 2020 New York International Auto Show As a result of the ongoing health concerns from the spread of the coronavirus in the region, the New York International Auto Show has been...
  8. Mustang313


    It's stolen from TopRecon's thread here - Some unscrupulous dealers spreading lies just to get a few bucks and then some stupid sites picking up on it. Glad we have some informed users here who...
  9. Mustang313

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    Here's an original image (not cropped or watermarked). Ironically saw this posted on the Jeep JL Wrangler forum. Better lighting in this one and it's slightly more clear. Doesn't looked photoshopped here compared to the other versions. I also brightened it up even more so you can see some seat...
  10. Mustang313

    Bronco Sport

    Hmm I don't believe you... but I am willing to be proven wrong. :whistle:
  11. Mustang313

    It's a BEAST!

    Why do people assume it’s going to be the reveal or some event somewhere. He said more details so it could be a teaser video or press release. Someone else mentioned it’s not spring yet so it makes sense this is not the reveal and I agree a Sunday afternoon reveal would be very unlikely.
  12. Mustang313

    It's a BEAST!

    I’m not inclined to believe random first time posters but given this site’s history every time we have doubted said random poster we have pretty much all been wrong. Carmaker, jmtuttle, broncokong etc. Is this the next contestant on the price is right?? Prove us wrong again!!
  13. Mustang313


    Wow I can't believe I missed all the excitement last night. I just caught it on Jalopnik, here it is in case anyone missed it like me. Very happy with what I'm seeing so far. It looks like an old school Bronco just...
  14. Mustang313

    MTI550 7 Speed Manual Transmission With Low Crawler Gear Revealed in Document

    As always we had this info first, thanks to this guy^^. Now I hope this "optional" means standard/included with the option to get the auto for added cost,
  15. Mustang313

    New Bronco startup screen animation video

    I missed the animation when it was posted before but remember screenshots of the rocks forming the Bronco. Nice to see the full animation now.
  16. Mustang313

    Over 150 Ford accessories & parts planned for 2021 Bronco launch

    That's just a rendering from TopRecon's thread. Still one of my favorites.
  17. Mustang313

    Over 150 Ford accessories & parts planned for 2021 Bronco launch

    Will these be released under Ford Performance Parts? Wonder just how many of the 150 will be available AT LAUNCH. Seems the aftermarket is going to have a lot of catching up. The Bronco has been kept so tightly under wraps I'm sure specs/CAD were provided only to a select few OEM...
  18. Mustang313

    Bronco - Ford Creative Designer Job Listing

    I have the same qualifications so you've got some competition :) Hopefully they give us some hint of what's coming for the Bronco family during the March reveal. I wanna hear about a first edition or this Rock Monster/Warthog or whatever you call it hipo model.
  19. Mustang313

    Bronco - Ford Creative Designer Job Listing

    This is not a huge leak but since everyone is going stir crazy for more info here is a little thing I found. This is a recent Ford job listing for a "Creative Designer" working on Bronco programs (read: plural) designing concept/production. Found it interesting it was posted just 3 months ago...
  20. Mustang313

    Patent: Accessory Rail System for Bronco

    Ahhh SMH, I knew it looked familiar.