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  1. BHShaman

    Jeep Gladiator - When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong

    I think they saw the 75k-100k price take of the AEV Versions and figured people would snap them up at half that cost. If the Subaru brat/baja and Ford SportTrac taught is that the general population don't really want a 1/2 and 1/2 SUV Pick-up. They priced it super premium and failed.
  2. BHShaman

    Hybrid electric Bronco engine previewed by revealed 2021 F-150 engine lineup?

    Totally. We love our Fusion Energi. On our second and if they kill the line she'll move into the eMustang and I'll move into Hybrid/EV Bronco
  3. BHShaman

    Could Ford Present the 2021 at The Bronco Super Celebration?

    They need to do a Social Isolation release and show a family Overlanding away from society and fishing and camping happily off the land.
  4. BHShaman

    1999 Bronco SVT Lightning Concept for Truck Trend Magazine...

    AMC Eagle was one of the very first real Crossovers. They were duking it out with Subaru for quite a while. Looks dorky now, but people don't remember a lot of cars were running 13" wheels around this time.
  5. BHShaman

    Sentry Mode

    You should get right on that. If you can sell me a Sentry Mode Set up for $300 that integrates with my dashboard LCD and does not look like Mad Max running wires all over my car, I'm in. But, you can't. So why be such a downer man...
  6. BHShaman

    Sentry Mode

    Dashcam is not Gonna need a lot of dashcams and good splicing software, and don't forget the motion detectors to link them to in order to get a 360 view of your car that is not running all the time.
  7. BHShaman

    Sentry Mode

    Every modern car should have Sentry Mode.
  8. BHShaman

    Ford Trademarks new name "Wolftrak" possible special edition Bronco?

    Jack Wolfskin is a very popular "outdoor enthusiast" brand in EU. Probably trying to tie into that image with the Wolf moniker.
  9. BHShaman

    Customized 2021 Bronco inspired by Maxlider Bronco

    That SEMA truck is a thing of beauty. Loved it since I first saw it.
  10. BHShaman

    Coronovirus discussions

    I never said it was 20% for under 60.
  11. BHShaman

    Coronovirus discussions

    We got TP at a local liquidation center. One of those places that buys out closing businesses and insurance claims. They always seem to find non-typical stuff. Dollar General and those types of stores seem to have some stocks of stuff you can't find other places too.
  12. BHShaman

    Coronovirus discussions

    If you are over 60, where the death rate is around 20%, I genuinely hope you are still on the board here in 6 months. If you are under 60, then you can be asymptomatic and be a walking Scythe of death for those over 60, I hope you are staying away from the older folks.
  13. BHShaman


    No argument. But I did not buy one because, "no removable top". I did not buy a Jeep because, "bad QC". If Bronco was not on the way I would lease a Jeep for the next 3 years to have a fun vehicle for my teens to experience. Then give it back at the end. May still Lease the Bronco to avoid...
  14. BHShaman

    All-Electric 1st Gen Bronco

    I'll be happy with Gen6 EV/Hybrid at 1/2 the cost.
  15. BHShaman


    Jeep stayed in it and the gamble paid off by being the only game in town. Jeep QC is poo, been waiting for a Bronco or 'real' FJ/4Runner for a long time.
  16. BHShaman


    Safety requirements. They all had them when people were allowed to ride around with no roll protection and a lapbelt.
  17. BHShaman

    Coronovirus discussions

    And Bruce Greenstein was on stage with the President. A guy indicted in Louisiana for Perjury and other assorted crimes for trying to Privatize Medicaid and gave his buddy the contract. Just the kind of guy Trump loves hanging out with.
  18. BHShaman

    Coronovirus discussions

    Amazon is out. She has a secret source! Get HER!!
  19. BHShaman

    Coronovirus discussions

  20. BHShaman

    Bronco release pushed back due to Coronavirus?

    Common sense would have been NOT turning away WHO testing kits that would have allowed us to establish a more accurate denominator. Facts are facts until they change.