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  1. loubif

    New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    I feel a good Bronco/Bronco Sport leak would help our spirits from all this COVID-19 doom n hearing me Ford?
  2. loubif

    The Bronco information drip feed

    Well, my next question is have the leaks helped or hurt the upcoming release of the Bronco & Bronco Sport and has Ford benefited from the free publicity and "buzz" that the leaks created?
  3. loubif

    The Bronco information drip feed

    It's naive to think Ford wouldn't have sources following this and every other Bronco forum to get insight on how much anticipation is building on the re-release of this iconic vehicle and by providing "leaks" to see how we (the potential buyers) react to them. Do I think Ford has been behind...
  4. loubif

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    The new Bronco looks GREAT and keeps sounding better and better!!! Thanks for the insight, much appreciated!!!
  5. loubif

    Your first Bronco mods will be?

    I really like your potential list of mods!!! Didn't know there was a way to use an override switch for the diff lock to keep locked at speed!!! Good info, I'll have to look into that!!!
  6. loubif

    2-Door 2021 Bronco Prototype Makes Grand First Appearance, Bombing Through Snow and Catching Air!

    Ok @BuckedOff-Road, something new to work with for a 2 door render!!!
  7. loubif

    New Maverick spy pics in Arizona

    I just went back to take a look at leaked pics from the old dealer invite sneak peak event and If the "baby bronco" looks anything like those pics (and by the recent spy shots it should) Ford is gonna sell a SH*T TON of those IMHO. I predict the baby is gonna very big hit!!!
  8. loubif

    Bronco Maverick Name Confirmed in Ford Parts System?

    I too grew up riding in my dads 1970 Maverick, he had that from 1971 till 1979!!!
  9. loubif

    2 Door FrankenRanger Mule spotted

    To me it seems like these tires are larger than the previous 4 door spy shots show but that might just be due to these being more of an offroad tire spec?
  10. loubif

    Car and Driver 4 door renders

    Me too!!!
  11. loubif

    2020 Ford Bronco Concept Rendering

    Sorry, meant solid front axle and V6, but the front solid isn't a deal breaker for me.
  12. loubif

    2020 Ford Bronco Concept Rendering

    Ford...TAKE MY MONEY...especially if, and there is a big IF, it eventually comes with SRA and a V6!
  13. loubif

    2020-2021 Ford Bronco Four-Door Concept Rendering

    OMG!!! YES! YES!YES! I hope its close to this!!! GREAT JOB @BuckedOff-Road Hell yeah!
  14. loubif

    Jeep and Chevrolet's Reaction to New Ford Bronco

    As much as I would LOVE the 5.0 or even better the new 7.3 (It is physically smaller than the 5.0) in the new Bronco I KNOW it won't happen but I'll still be getting a new Bronco (maybe after the initial runs to get all the gremlins out of it) with the highest output engine that will be...
  15. loubif

    Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    Maybe a 2 door version without the width that was worked into this baja racer version would do well on the trails and rocks, is it just me or is this Bronco R WIDE? Maybe its because they put it next to the EB baja racer, that thing looks tiny compared to the "Bronco R"?
  16. loubif

    Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    Post 103 explains what I meant. I feel that it should be obvious that no one in their right mind will try to go rock crawling with a desert racer and vise versa, just holding out that one of the trim/packages is a rock/trail fighter as I don't feel I want a baja blaster...again, but who knows...
  17. loubif

    Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    I hope and truly believe this is just one specific race version of one of the packages that may be available for future Bronco buyers, this new info is just showing the "Raptor" version of what the production trim looks like in race trim, after owning a 2011 Raptor Crew I am holding out for the...
  18. loubif

    Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    Two words...ROCK MONSTER
  19. loubif

    Bronco ForScan Thread

    @Airborne_Ape, good to have you on the site. I've been doing some research into ForScan for my own Focus RS as to the different options that have been left "off" by Ford and it seems really interesting like global windows so as to roll up and down my windows with the key fob upon locking or...