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  1. Streetfish

    Roof Rails not available with upgraded bash plates?

    I think you can't get roof rails with the sasquatch but otherwise you can... Check the sticky order guide it should tell you. Or build price site should be accurate
  2. Streetfish

    Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    This comes from the Ford Order Guide and accessories list from this thread:
  3. Streetfish

    Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    For those that are interested- I modified one of the sticky'd build and price spreadsheets so that it automatically calculates a 3% off of invoice discount for any build (mark each row of your build/options with an 'x' on the 'Invoice MSRP Price List' tab). I also added a Financing tab that will...
  4. Streetfish

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Are you sure the lift is the same between badlands and SAS? The question has been asked but I don't think that has been confirmed; ford refers to them differently (unique badlands vs high clearance). Also, interesting is the Area 51 overland concept has 35s on a non-sas badlands and the tires...
  5. Streetfish

    OXFORD WHITE THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing Oxford White lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    I put my order in for an Area 51, but DAMN, I might need to change it and wait because this OW Wildtrax with black painted modular top is absolutely sick! Love how the black mirrors , black rims and WT decal add contrast for the Oreo/Stormtrooper look. Even the black Bronco logo on the back...
  6. Streetfish

    Front license plate placement on Antimatter Blue Base Bronco

    Is it mounted that high because of the active air vents below it? Looks terrible
  7. Streetfish

    Need help on dates for 2022

    Extending the lease is the right solution if he sticks with a 2021 and the timing doesn't line up exactly..but every company I've leased with only allows somewhere between a 3-6 month extension. Should be enough time for an early reservation holder for a 2021, but not for 2022. I assume there is...
  8. Streetfish

    Need help on dates for 2022

    I don't understand why you would wait for a 2022 when your current lease is ending right around when the 2021s are being delivered. If you buy another car you are wasting money on taxes and depreciation
  9. Streetfish

    Demo of Sync IOD Panel on high/lux

    This article and video has information about how sync 4 works and what the "information on demand" panel is on 12" screen in the f150. Bronco should be similar, but with the added trail maps functions...
  10. Streetfish

    Does Standard bumper have bolts/mounting points for attaching lights/accessories ?

    Anyone who has see the the bronco in person noticed if the standard bumper has any bronco bolts/mounting points for attaching lights/accessories or is it only the modular steel bumper that does?
  11. Streetfish

    Information on Demand Panel (IDP) with Sync4

    Do you know if android auto/apple carplay fill up the entire screen? I assume that it's the same as the f150
  12. Streetfish

    How does the rear window work?

    probably fine around town. I do this in my FJ. I dont think I would on the highway though
  13. Streetfish

    How does the rear window work?

    yeah, lack of roll down window was a major miss. It was probably thought of and cut due to cost/complexity and also that it would require a thicker rear tailgate which would reduce cargo space. It would also probably interfere with the rear tire mount/camera that are bolted into the tailgate. i...
  14. Streetfish

    Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    Hi, Just curious for those that are waiting for 2022 are you converting the order now as a priority 99 or are you holding them until 2022 ordering opens? Also, if converted now with a 99 do you know if they are counted in your 2021 allocation formula (the final which is coming out in May i think?)
  15. Streetfish

    Intelligent Access - Can it be added to Key function Without the Mid Package?

    The mid package seems like such a great value, unless you are going base and it isn't available, of course. I don't know for sure but usually there are additional proximity sensors required in the door handles to detect when you are nearby, and of course, the handle itself has a button on it.
  16. Streetfish

    Do cloth seats have any sort of water/dirt resistance?

    I have an FJ Cruiser and the seats are cloth but they have some sort of water resistant material . It's just hard to believe ford would make a top/doorless vehicle and not do something to protect the seats.
  17. Streetfish

    Do cloth seats have any sort of water/dirt resistance?

    Anyone know if the cloth seats have any sort of water/dirt resistance?
  18. Streetfish

    Rapid Red Black Diamond 2 door with steel wheels pics?

    Fellow OBX'ers, which interior are you getting with rapid red? Navy Pier seems kind of weird to me, but the sandstone cloth has the blue stitching which also doesn't really go.
  19. Streetfish

    KOH Bronco video coverage by Exodus 4x4

    The position sensitive bilsteins will make a big difference for this type.of high speed off-road ing because they have a secondary valve. Basically, you won't get that bump stop bottoming out feeling as much
  20. Streetfish

    Badlands 2.7, Sas vs Wildtrak vs Raptor High Speed Off Road

    Can I ask where you plan to use baja mode in NJ? Or do you go out of state? Beach access is pretty restricted to fishing and I don't think there is much else aside from Wharton but definitely interested if you know any cool spots because I can't find much, especially in north jersey.