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  1. 1975U15

    Why does Ford make it so complicated?!

    In 1966 the following were O-Optional on first gen Bronco: -Radio and Antenna -Right and left arm rests on doors -Heater -Rear seat belts -Padded LH RH sun visors Good news...Sixth Gen Bronco comes with everyone of these standard in 2021 and on the Base. That’s progress!
  2. 1975U15


    Can’t imagine anyone agreeing to these terms. Even if he was selling at Msrp I’m not doing a deal where I’m taking all the risk. Full payment months and months in advance. No way. Wait a few weeks when a FE sells for $1MM+ at Barrett Jackson. Gonna have some heads explode up in this bitch.
  3. 1975U15

    Mach-E eating into Tesla.

    I DVR all the motorweek episodes. They called the Mach E Drivers Car of Year. I was surprised. Also named Bronco Sport best small suv. Fords stock been on rise Tesla been getting hammered of late. Maybe no coincidence.
  4. 1975U15

    Video: Bronco Wildtrak 4-door Cyber Orange walkaround and good interior views [Dominic Pericak]

    Some of you guys are brutal. It’s a young kid doin a video about a Bronco. Relax. He’s having fun and giving you more than Ford directly is. Ain’t easy to put yourself out there like this. You know, cuz there’s hypercritical a-holes and wokists everywhere. 😉
  5. 1975U15

    How to handle this off-road situation?

    Thanks for posting. I now know I won’t be heading home from Granger westbound through Colorado in the event it snows and these idiots are on road.
  6. 1975U15

    Well-Used Antimatter Blue 4-Door Soft Top in Neighbor's Driveway

    I’m not following the idea that if you prefer to care for your vehicle, by washing it occasionally, you’ve somehow committed some Bronco or four wheel injustice. I get my vehicles dirty camping, fishing, hunting, all the time. When I get home, I wash them. Sorry.
  7. 1975U15

    Spotted Bronco conducting towing / trailering test in MI

    Looks familiar. Have we seen this before? Where’s the snow?
  8. 1975U15

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Don’t think the after markets quite there yet. Waiting anxiously 😉
  9. 1975U15

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Point taken. I have teenagers. I’m ashamed to say their dialect rubs off on me sometimes.
  10. 1975U15

    anyone know where I can get a spare tire cover with the vintage fender insignia on it?

    Rumor is version with “Est 1966” and flag is controversial. Order when/while you can. I am.
  11. 1975U15

    Am I the only redneck on here planning a pure redneck build?.

    Funny. Very true and funny. Been playing on a softball team called Blue Ribbon Blasters for a decade or more. We’ve been called both. Guess we’ll see what this year holds. True hipsters drink Olympia tho. “It’s in the water”
  12. 1975U15

    Squatch or Not?

    I recognize tires are more function over form but that’s a good lookin tire right there IMO.
  13. 1975U15

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    And a Marty, Doc, and Biff fan!
  14. 1975U15

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Yup. WT/A51/Mod Top. Debated Non squatch BL for months. Gotta say...I’m honored my first thread receives comment from Rick. And bonus I’m not crying in the corner as well.😃
  15. 1975U15

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Ya know Bigfoot often gets confused for Sasquatch. Yeti never complains😆
  16. 1975U15

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Ya #1 is my fave. Got a little A51ish in it to match. More likely they all land on garage fridge:)
  17. 1975U15

    That’s cool? Or nah brah?

    Found these guys out on errands today. Me: One of these on the Bronco would be cool right? Her: You’re not putting stickers on my Bronco! Me: But it’s Sasquatch! Her: Ya...I get it. It’s a no. What she doesn’t realize is the Stig/MAP is going on it. Not negotiable.:p
  18. 1975U15

    Am I the only redneck on here planning a pure redneck build?.

    Smart guy. Take care of your sh*t if it ain’t you roughin it up.
  19. 1975U15

    Am I the only redneck on here planning a pure redneck build?.

    I prefer Chik-fila sauce. It’s delicious. Have you tried it?