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  1. JW55

    How many would be interested in a Bronco half cab pickup?

    I'd be happy if Ford would just offer that color - a real non-metallic blue. I'm guessing door inserts similar to that will be available from the aftermarket. You won't be able to get the wide open roadster feel in the new Bronco but at least your noggin won't be a crush zone if you roll over.
  2. JW55

    How to: Remove / Swap Grille on 2021 Bronco [DIY Instructions Videos]

    He is wearing TWO masks. Seriously. Maybe Typhoid Mary is running the camera...
  3. JW55

    MY22 Green Bronco Color - what should Ford do?

    Whatever Ford comes up with I hope it doesn't have black wheels. A white top needs white or polished wheels.
  4. JW55

    Is this the Green you Want? Willy's Panel

    I like it. It's not metallic so it gets a thumbs up from me.
  5. JW55

    Bronco Off-ROADEO - May 2021 in Texas (Who's Going?)

    If the timing is right (23 May) you can catch the NASCAR race at COTA while you are there. NASCAR at COTA
  6. JW55

    Rethinking the white top...

    I don't get the love for a black top. It soaks up heat and looks like 90% of the Jeeps out there (plain and dull).
  7. JW55

    Front license plate placement on Antimatter Blue Base Bronco

    Looks like the grill has one big buck tooth.
  8. JW55

    Rethinking the white top...

    I concur - the doors break the flow. The original Chief Cherokee was a neat looking vehicle and the blue is awesome. The recent Jeep nod to the Chief was less handsome, especially the 4 door version which just looks awkward. (not my vehicle or photo)
  9. JW55

    What Exterior Color & State License Plate is the Best Combination?

    If you live in Texas you can pick your poison from dozens of designs, something to match any color I'd guess.
  10. JW55

    Bronco Longboard Concept – 2DR LWB Imagined

    I get that. I'm not gonna be rock crawling, just ranch roads and occasional snow. Gimme an extra 10-12" on the rear of the tub and a rear seat delete option and it would be almost perfect for me. Add a real tailgate to make it totally perfect.
  11. JW55

    Extended 2d Bronco “LJ”

    The rock crawlers (of which I am not one) would howl in protest due to the departure angle but I would be just fine with an extra 10" or so of tub length behind the rear wheels of the 2-door and a rear seat delete option.
  12. JW55

    Rendering: 2022 Boxwood Green and Cactus Gray OBX with 33s + white tops + shadow black tops

    They are just the squatch wheels lightened up to look a bit like polished aluminum. A white top really needs white or light colored wheels. Chrome wheels work on vehicles with chrome trim but I'm not sure how they will look on this vehicle with the black trim.
  13. JW55

    Rendering: 2022 Boxwood Green and Cactus Gray OBX with 33s + white tops + shadow black tops

    Not as nice as the OP's effort but this gives an idea of the look.
  14. JW55

    MY22 White tops limited to a small number of trims

    I may go that way too. Buy an all white Bronco and stick a big stripe on it.
  15. JW55

    MY22 Options you would like to see?

    Lighter MGV interior colors - preferable saddle colored but anything is better than black or dark gray. No forced orange or blue interior trim colors. Easily removable rear seats on the two door Polished or white wheels to go with a white top.
  16. JW55

    Why have we yet to see a Spare Tire Cover?

    What's your plan if you cut a tire?
  17. JW55

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    Thats because most folks don't order a vehicle, they buy directly from the dealer stock. If you take a look at an average dealer lot you'll see the choices are very limited - generally about 30% black, 30% white, 30% gray/silver. The other 10% will be mostly maroon or dark blue with a few...
  18. JW55

    2022 HERITAGE PACKAGE (Everything it will most likely Include)

    That's a negatory Good Buddy. Apparently I'll need an old school 6' whip antenna though...
  19. JW55

    Heritage Edition Bronco Confirmed! (E5G / E5H) - Update: Not Until MY2022

    Hopefully that list is not official. I'd prefer a white top, silver grill and white wheels. I don't think that the white door handles and limb risers look that good (nor would white wheel flares). A white skid plate is absurd - that is going to show scratches, mud, dirt and road tar...
  20. JW55

    Hypothetical Heritage Edition Bronco color choices

    I don't think Cactus Gray or A51 are anything like Boxwood at all.