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  1. DonM

    2.3 Auto Sasquatch Club

    i was looking at the vehicle weight charts that were posted a while back. They showed weight ranges between trims and engine transmission combos.
  2. DonM

    Basequatch vs. base and buying 35” tires separately

    I went through the same. Base Squatch or Big Bend with locker. I decided that I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t get the upgraded components from Sasquatch. A Big Bend would be perfect for me as a DD, but I’ve made the decision that I’m going to wheel the Bronco and I need the better parts!
  3. DonM

    WFB (Work From Bronco) My org is still at limited staffing with assigned days in the office and assigned days working remotely. At home it's just the laptop, not ideal but I just don't want to buy another monitor. At work it's two 23" monitors. Several in the office flip a monitor 90...
  4. DonM

    Changing your own oil?

    I'm going to have the dealer do it. Just not really worth my time to screw with it. Even my mechanic doesn't like to do oil changes as a stand-alone job, not worth his time. Plus if dealer screws up the Bronco they'll be on the hook to fix it!!
  5. DonM

    Advice for would-be Bronco off-roaders

    This is the post that really pushed me over the edge to do a Base Sasquatch over a Big Bend with rear locker. Better front axle, front and rear lockers and better t-case...all from factory and with warranty. Not sure if I'll like the 35's, but the recent KOH videos have me feeling okay if I...
  6. DonM

    Big News: Mass Bronco production to begin March 29th (Note: Job 1 Date Unchanged) 🗓

    Before everyone yells...I tried to search and couldn't find the thread. Do you or anyone have an idea of the production rate for the Bronco?
  7. DonM

    Who else is caught in the in-between vehicles lurch?

    My F150 was having issues and to fix would end being about a third of its projected value. So I ended up trading it and throwing some cash in an bought a car for my daughter. It's a 2010 Ford Fusion with 172k on it. I've already driven it from Cincinnati to Charleston, SC and back and it did...
  8. DonM

    Front license plate placement on Antimatter Blue Base Bronco

    Thank goodness we don't need a front plate in Ohio anymore!!
  9. DonM

    Changing vehicle in profile

    How do I edit vehicle in my profile? I've tried to figure it out and just not seeing it.
  10. DonM

    Base Model off-road capability ?

    I will ask you this.....have you thought about a Big Bend with the rear locker? I was thinking about a Big Bend 4DR 2.3 Auto Mid with 4.27 E-Locker. It priced out about the same as the Base Sasquatch.
  11. DonM

    Base Model off-road capability ?

    I think you'll be fine with the Base. I agree that a tire upgrade is pretty much mandatory. I was in base Base camp, but ended up going with the Base Sasquatch 4DR 2.3 Auto. I knew I'd be mad that I didn't get the better axles and transfer case from the factory. However, if you are only...
  12. DonM

    BB vs BD tires - which is better for daily driver?

    Either should be fine. However, I think BB tires would be a touch better for highway driving, where I think BD might be a touch better for off-road.
  13. DonM

    Base and get Larger Tires or Sasquatch?

    I went Base Sasquatch 4DR with 2.3 and Auto. Need 4DR for family. I was thinking about doing the Big Bend for the 32" tires and adding the 4.27 E-Locker. If you don't care about lockers I'd wait on wheel companies to see what they come out with. I like the stuff from Fifteen52. As for...
  14. DonM

    Stage 3 Ranger

    I think the Stage 2 would work for me! Stage 2 for my Bronco will be a FPP Tune for the 2.3 and better aftermarket shocks/springs and maybe a gearing change! Need to lock in on the overall driving feeling with the stock Sasquatch Base 2.3 before anything is done though!
  15. DonM

    How unique is your Bronco build? Stats from 1600+ Submitted Ordered Builds

    Based on my limited ability with Excel....mine appears to be the only Velocity Blue 4DR Base Squatch with 2.3 and Auto!
  16. DonM

    Big Bend Vs Base

    I ended up going Base Squatch. It’s only $595 to get heated seats installed through Katzskin.
  17. DonM

    4 cylinder 4 door? Really?

    I'm doing a 2.3 4DR Sasquatch with auto? I should be good, if not I guess I'll tuning it!