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  1. Have Four Bronco Tops - OEM, Bestop Trektop, Anderson Composite -- (happy to answer questions)

    My wife and I call it the Diaper Hat. It really is unattractive. I have the hard top, but I do yearn for the ease of a soft top. Perhaps someday a 3rd party manufacturer will get one right for the Bronco. At which time I'll jump on one.
  2. Price Protection Problem

    If I purchase under the Z Plan am I entitled to the price protection amount shown on my screenshot above or are the discount plans exempt from this? I need to find out the exact amount I should have qualified for in price protection discounts. Clearly I can’t rely on the dealership to provide...
  3. Price Protection Problem

    But how do I find out if - and for how much - additional price protection was paid to the dealership on my behalf? That’s something I absolutely need to know.
  4. Price Protection Problem

    I purchased my Day Two reservation 4-dr Black Diamond on May 31, 2022. At the time of purchase, the dealer showed a single price-protection certificate in their system, which I believe was around $400-500. I asked about the mid-year price protection. They said that's all they showed in their...
  5. ROCKWORKX tool-less Hardtop Bolts

    Will the 10-piece kit be made available in silver?
  6. Old school wheels options

    Who’s “they” if it’s the company itself who responded to you?
  7. Who should I blame for these POS tires on my new Bronco? Goodyear Ford or both?

    After driving a long gravel road for a youth camp last summer, we were flinging rocks on the freeway for 50 miles on the way home. While I cringed at the sound of every rock pinging off my underbody, I was just hoping not to crack any windshields behind me. Since I've never owned an offroad...
  8. Warning: Extended Warranty didn't cover MIC Top crack damage

    That's not "trim" despite Ford claiming it to be.
  9. Warning: Extended Warranty didn't cover MIC Top crack damage

    What a garbage excuse. This isn't a "trim piece." It's a structural part of the top that connects it to the body of the vehicle. Ford knows this is going to be a widespread issue over time and are making preemptive moves to avoid blame.
  10. Warning: Extended Warranty didn't cover MIC Top crack damage

    This is a weak point and a design issue. It will be a common problem as time goes on. The alignment pins will torque that flimsy plastic and it will eventually crack. :mad:
  11. Autolamps Too Sensitive, Turn Headlights On Too Early

    Yep, the auto high beam functionality is pretty terrible on the Bronco. My Durango was much better with this.
  12. Towed 5 times in 3000 miles! I've had it.

    What could possibly go wrong with that strategy? :rolleyes: Bad form, Ford.
  13. Azure Gray Metallic 2023 Bronco (w/ new rock rails design) -- first look sighting

    Lunar Green is the one I’d kill for.
  14. Azure Gray Metallic 2023 Bronco (w/ new rock rails design) -- first look sighting

    The new Bronco is a retromod vehicle. But Ford is too boring to give it a retromod color palette. :mad:
  15. Door Holders Using PVC Pipe -- When Off vehicle

    I forgot to post a pic of my completed Deeeluxe model with integrated casters and 5 slots (one for the hardtop center panel).
  16. Trim/beauty rings on BD steelies?

    The appeal of the BD wheels is whatever appeals to you individually about the BD wheels. I think the beauty rings add a cool retro vibe you won’t get with takeoff alloys from any of the other Bronco trims.
  17. JTopsUSA is expanding its Bronco accessories line!

    How about some door bags? The Ford offerings are outrageously expensive.
  18. JL Audio Fix 86 - Base audio measured - Flat front/rear FORSCAN settings

    I’ve yet to install my amp so I haven’t played with the audio settings yet. Just got an OBD interface and will have to borrow a Windows laptop from a neighbor to do the Forscan settings update.