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  1. Moab Off-Rodeo 7/24 - Warning long post with pictures

    So we drove the Bronco to and from Moab. About 3,000 miles round trip. Did a stopover in Amarillo coming and going to break up the drive. This was a great trip. If you are undecided I would definitely recommend you do the Off Rodeo. Don't miss it!!! Lodging So we stayed at the Red Cliffs Lodge...
  2. Scheduled for Moab Off-Roadeo 7/24.

    So wife and I will be driving up in the Bronco. Scheduled for 7/24 for Off-Roadeo. Plan to spend 7/25 in Arches. Then plan to hit some of the easy trails the next 2-3 days and head home. Will not be doing any crazy extreme rock crawling. I have owned a lot of 4WD vehicles but have never done off...
  3. Connectivity issue.

    Everything was working. Had Alexa installed and was using it for music (Amazon). Then connectivity lost. if you go to connectivity in menu and click it it doesn't open. Connected Nav out, Alexa out, etc. Looked up troubleshooting and followed steps given. Three different approaches to solving...
  4. Replacements for MIC top roof factory bolts

    Bought some GPCA quick release bolts with the tie down points. These look to be good quality and not excessively expensive like some others I've seen. During install one of the original factory bolts was hard to remove. The other 7 could be removed by hand after a few turns to loosen them. Took...
  5. Weather warmed up above 60 degrees so finally got a few items installed.

    Had to wait for the temps to come up so the adhesives would stick. Got my hood protector and hood scoop installed and also replaced the silver bronco on the tailgate with a black one.
  6. IAG side steps installed.

    Very impressed with these well built, look good and decent price. Easy install on rock rail (they are being very generous when they show 15 minutes install time). I don't like running boards so I didn't consider the full length version but to be honest after getting these I could see the value...
  7. AT LAST!!!

    So finally after 882 days from reservation my Bronco arrived at the Dealership today! 2023 Badlands, Sasquatch. Turns out third time was a charm (Ordered 2021, 2022 and finally 2023). It arrived about 1130. I got over to the dealers around 330 and she is now sitting in my driveway.