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  1. Bronco owner vandalizes Moab rock during Bronco Safari; UBC helps with restoration

    Bad look for us, but nice job Richard and Steve. I ran into both down there and Steve spotted me up Hell’s Gate, great guy. https://www.sltrib.com/news/environment/2023/05/16/rock-defacement-near-moab-causes/
  2. Introducing our new frame horn reinforcement plates

    Now that a few bumper mounts have bent under hard pulls it's become apparent that the thin OEM mounts aren't sufficient. So Tricky has brought the beef. These will ship 5/25. Pre-order HERE Unfortunately due to low margins in an attempt to keep pricing competitive these are not eligible for any...
  3. Multi tire inflation for your Trickflate

    Our long awaited multi tire hoses are in stock. Sold as a 2 tire hose for just $49.99, add a second hose to do all 4 tires. Buy here!
  4. Extended and compressed length of stock rear Bilsteins?

    Does anyone have a set kicking around that you can measure? Flexed out on the Bronco I'm reading about 26" extended and 21" at ride height, but a set off the vehicle would be easier to measure accurately.
  5. Pre-collision camera issues

    Got a new one yesterday. I haven't taken any steps to clear it yet.
  6. Just say no to cheap suspension parts.

    Tricky's out here breaking stuff again. I knew better, I saw those welds and knew I should have redone them but I got lazy. These are the cheap chinese ones that are sold under several names.
  7. Inland Northwest Bronco Stampede, May 27-28, Tri-Cities, WA

    I need you all to add this to your schedules. Your boy Tricky is a sponsor and will have a booth so come see me.
  8. Damage while using winch on improperly installed Rough Country High Mount

    ********EDIT 2********* There is damage to the frame horn face plates in addition to the RC mount ears. **********EDIT********* OK....so this is highly embarrassing and I feel like a total idiot but I need to come clean. At least some good discussion became of it and my Bronco is undamaged. I...
  9. Introducing the Trickflate Black

    All the features of the original Trickflate but now with more sexy. Shipping is still free and "B6G" still applies for 10% off. I also now stock parts! I have nearly every component available, ask for a custom quote if your part isn't listed...
  10. Washington WTB: single TPMS

    Probably a long shot but I'm short one and would prefer a used one that will just sync up without hassle.
  11. Light brackets from TD Distributing - our first American made product!

    Normally I don't like to do pre-orders, but I am so stoked for this product that I can't wait to offer it! Made right here in the US, crafted from 5052 aluminum and powdercoated in matte black, we present a flexible light mounting solution for the Ford modular bumper. Mount singular...
  12. Washington WTB OEM lug nuts

    Anyone have a set you don't want?
  13. 2023 Jeep gets washout floors and MGV

    Jeep releases JPP Heavy-Duty Flooring System and Heavy-Duty Vinyl Seats
  14. Sold: Trickflate Giveaway!

    ***This promotion is now completed.*** UPDATE: We're heading into the last week of the promo and I still need to clear some inventory to make room for my next shipment coming in next week so I'm sweetening the deal. Through the weekend use code BLOWOUT to get 15% off Trickflates only...
  15. PNW caravan to Moab.

    Starting a side thread for northwest people that are interested in a group drive from the PNW to Moab for the Safari in May. I'm thinking I want to arrive in Moab the night of 4/30 and possibly make it a 2 day trip with some sightseeing. Any thoughts? @SuzH @66GT @BigMeatsBronco I think there...
  16. All the fuss about "Wrangler" tires when these exist.

    Get yourself some Bronco Radial LTs!
  17. About to chuck these Icon EXPs over a cliff

    Are these springs right? They're supposed to be front Sasquatch springs. I've been fighting this thing all night and I can't get the isolators to fit into the spring. One end of the spring is pinched down and no matter which end I put up it won't fit in Icon's isolator or Ford's. From the...
  18. Tricky heads south, part 2.

    Planning next year's trip and collecting my thoughts here again. This time we're bee lining it to the Knoxville, TN area and spending about 10 days there. We're targeting July, the dates aren't firm yet. We'll again attempt to take the Bronco, but with my luck I'll probably break it in Moab and...
  19. PSA: $28 a month for Sirius XM after trial expiration

    I never paid attention to the cost after the trial and apparently I should have. That's more than all my other streaming services combined. Couldn't cancel fast enough.
  20. Black Friday/Cyber Monday at TD Distributing + new modular bumper LEDs

    Save 20% on all products storewide Friday 11/25 though Monday 11/28 when you use "BF20" at checkout. Additionally, I had a very limited quantity of LED lights come in for the mod bumper. I likely will not restock these because my costs are too high to sell them at a fair price and be...