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  1. Fun Day with 80+ Broncos

    We will post some follow ups, but we had more than 80 Broncos on the trail today. Thanks to Ford and several affiliated teams for coming out and supporting Bronco Owners today!
  2. Actual Dealer Stock?

    Looks like a few Broncos are actually in dealer stock. Note- no tow hitches. This is a big Metro Detroit dealer, I am sure they would normally be ordered with the hitch (at least the 4dr). The first two door is a Basesquatch.
  3. MI Bronco Club Website

    Cool news related to the MI Bronco Club. We have the website up and running. The functionality is pretty basic, but @JakeC and @yeet did a great job with ideas, editing and content. I will post this in the larger B6G forum, MI Roll Call, Bronco Nation and the email group. Yeet tells me it’s...
  4. Cactus Gray is Popular!

    Second time in two weeks I have parked next to another Cactus Gray Bronco. This was a little more random, at a trailhead late yesterday afternoon.
  5. Is the Rivian Bronco competition?

    This Rivian was in the Barber Shop parking lot today. The owner was an employee. It was pretty cool looking. If you like the Bronco interior with the 12" screen, the Rivian wont disappoint (no pic sorry). I wonder if we will see them on the trail with our Broncos at some point? The R1S looks...
  6. Bronco vs. Defender (pay gate for non Detroit News subscribers/Sorry)

    Cool pictures of Holly Oaks for those not around metro Detroit. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/columnists/henry-payne/2022/01/12/review-ford-bronco-sasquatch-vs-land-rover-defender-90-payne/9166344002/
  7. Interesting Video / Tie Rod Upgrade?

    I didn't see this posted yet. Interesting tie rod upgrade I will be looking into.
  8. Home of the Bronco

    Saw this twinsie next to my Bronco at Target today. 2 Dr Base in the next lane and saw at least three more on my way home. They are starting to be very common now (good and bad to see😁).
  9. Just a quick sand video.

    My son and I messed around in the sand on a few trails near Oscoda MI today. Always looks easier in the video. I actually tried it with trail control, sand mode, open, rear locker, fully locked. It would not do the hill in 2wd with the rear locker, but every other configuration it went right up...
  10. Random Bronco

    Ran across this random Bronco. Had to put them next to each other. Pretty cool to see them together. This one was in good shape, but looked like it was still used as intended.
  11. Diode Dynamics SAE Fogs Installed on Badlands Modular Bumper

    Added some Diode Dynaics SAE fog lights. Wired them to Aux Switch 2. Process was simple, worked great! I have found fog lights are the most needed auxiliary lighting in my use. I will probably add some spots and reverse lights, but these were the most important add on for me (so far). It took...
  12. Upgrading my 2021 Bronco speakers and overall sound system. Here's dash speaker details

    I am looking to upgrade the speakers and overall sound system. I will start with the dash speakers and continue the process until it sounds decent and is loud enough to hear with the top off.
  13. Why do I think the Bronco 2.7 is "de-tuned" in the Bronco?

    My experience with the 2.7 and it's performance across other models tells me our Bronco's are intentionally tuned to be "soft" in 1st gear (maybe 1-3?). That Explorer has to be tuned, but the 2.7 is a beast (I believe the Explorer ST use the "R60 transmission, regardless of trim).
  14. Badlands Bronco vs Raptor on 37s Side-by-Side

    I parked next to an interesting vehicle this morning. Ford test vehicle.
  15. Quick Badlands Off Road Videos

    Some real world off road video. Normal explanation, the hill was way steeper than it looked. I am pretty impressed so far. I need to sort through modes and settings a bit more. https://youtube.com/shorts/oJh76PkUfSo?feature=share
  16. Day 1 With 4Dr Badlands- Week 1 Updates

    I won’t get into to much detail, because enough good reviews have been posted. But I will try and hit on a couple of themes from the forum. 1. I took delivery yesterday at noon. 2. The dealer was great, Z plan honored, good deal on Ford warranty (first time I have bought one since the 90s). 3...
  17. Video - 2DR Wildtrack in the wild with roof panel off

    It’s Bronco Sunday! Two door, front roof panel removed and he was getting on it, had to do some passing to catch him!
  18. Pics of 2021 Broncos in MAP holding yard area. Any requests for pictures?

    Lots of Broncos all penned up. I tried to grab every combo they had, just let me know if you are looking for a combo and I will see if I have it. The biggest surprise? The white Black Diamond, man did I love it, very cool ride! * I think we have now posted all the variations I captured. Sorry...
  19. I caught this for sale at a local event.

    Pretty clean “restomod”. $69k.
  20. Off Roadeo Registration successful for anyone yet?

    Has anyone been able to register for specific dates or locations? I was able to go through the regisration process, but not even see dates/locations yet. I am hoping for Vermont, but I am flexible, depending on dates :)