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  1. Installing USB plug on the top of the dash, like the Lux package -- DIY install how-to & photos

    They are just unterminated, unfused wires. No requirement to use the aux switches. Just keep battery drain in mind, and install a fuse close to the battery.
  2. Something's wrong with the suspension

    Yeah, something is definitely binding down low.
  3. GMRS Radio

    I used THIS ONE on my MXT275 Install and it works great. The MXT275/MXT575 installs are really nice for the casual user. Make for very clean installs. I was really conflicted on whether to get the 275 or the 575. The reality is, GMRS is for the most part "line of sight" and 15 watts on the...
  4. Antenna Mounts for Midland GMRS

    I couldn't find one, so I gave up and made it. I added a spot for a dune flag.
  5. Electrical parasitic draw?

    How are you measuring the voltage? 4.2V, I'd highly suspect a defective battery. Furthermore, any battery that has been drained that low is now compromised and will never fully recover.
  6. Damage while using winch on improperly installed Rough Country High Mount

    On the high mount winches, thinking out loud... Wonder if you could use a "remote fairlead" and run the cable from the bottom of the winch to reduce the stress. Maybe someone smarter than me can flush out the physics.
  7. Rescue: 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak 600 Miles Stuck In 3 Feet Of Snow

    All he had to do is air down.
  8. Alexa to open garage door / gate through MyQ

    It's my understanding that you can work around it by setting up the lock/garage door to trigger off another accessory such as a light. I haven't actually tried it though. And I agree about the always listening assistants, yikes no thanks.
  9. Park brake failure

    Great... I had the parking brake error today while running errands. Popped up when I opened the door, before even starting it. I was parked on a very slight incline, so it may have tried to apply it while I was in the store. It went away after I started so I didn't sweat it. Very tempting to...
  10. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    I was inspired by this thread so I figured I'd share my MXT275 install. I found that the MXT275 fits perfectly with the existing screws on the bottom of the console. I found that mounting the handset jack on the drivers side allows the cable to lay perfectly so as not to obstruct anything...
  11. Grimm offroad twin compressor mount

    I have the Grimm mount. It's the cleanest mount out there. I run mine with the hood closed and I have zero concerns with heat.
  12. 6 Generations of Bronco Evolution: Styling, Performance, Size, Price

    Having owned them all, I can say the 6G is more Bronco II than EB. Definitely not Sport ancestor.
  13. Tailgate hinge bolts options?

    I want to add an antenna mount like the one below that terraflex makes for Jeep. Anyone know of a source for the double ended hex bolts with the tapered collar? That or the tapered spacers that I see some of the tailgate reinforcements using. I contacted Terraflex to see if they were going to...
  14. Why is ford recommending that we over inflate our tires.

    Read the tire sidewall. It says up to 10 psi additional inflation pressure permitted. I only run 39 for road trips strictly for better fuel economy. Usually keep them at 33-35 psi.