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  1. California Sold: OEM Engine and transmission skid

    OEM factory steel skid plates, from a badlands. Engine and transmission, comes with hardware. $150 local pickup or buyer pays shipping if wanting shipped. 🍻
  2. California Sold: Zone 1" leveling kit

    Never installed, new still in the box https://zoneoffroad.com/products/ford-bronco-leveling-kit-2021-ford-bronco-leveling-kit-zone?variant=40188181250136 $45 shipped
  3. HOSS 3.0 leveling kit coming soon from Foutz Motorsports!

    Talked to Greg Foutz @GregFoutz from foutz motorsports (https://www.foutzmotorsports.com/), they are currently working on a leveling like they did for the Braptor. He said they will have something in a few weeks ready. Just wanted to share the info I got... 🍻 **Jan 9, 2023 Update straight...
  4. California WT Headlight switch

    Headlight switch from my wildtrak with Lux package $40 shipped
  5. California Sold: Chemical Guys Ceramic Coating system

    My dad bought this for me, but I already had this Ceramic coating system, Amazon doesn't allow returns on this product, so I am willing to take a smalll hit if anyone is interested in this system, I paid a total of $137.54.... ASKING $110 Shipped
  6. California Sold: OEM Tow hook MB3C-5B137-BB

    Took off my wildtrak when I upgraded my rear bumper. No hardware MB3C-5B137-BB $50 shipped
  7. California Sold: Mabett rear mud flaps

    Brand new still in box Mabett rear mud flaps and hardware, installed the fronts but not the rears. $40 plus shipping
  8. Transparent removable roof...

    Has anybody seen this, I just came across this tonight while waisting time on the internet... Transparent and removable front roof portion...
  9. California Sold: Console cover, carpet mats, B&O speakers

    Selling on the cheap a few parts I will not be using. Mabett console cover $10 plus shipping. SOLD New OEM carpet floor mats (4 door) $25 plus shipping. SOLD B&O speakers, 3 dash, 2 rear $25 plus shipping. SOLD
  10. 835 Days and she is FINALLY home :)

    SO HAPPY, I finally picked up my Bronco yesterday, everything was painless and they did exactly what they said they would do, they even surprised me with invoice pricing vs MSRP, they honored X plan pricing and knocked off the price protection of $2445 from the total. They matched granger and...
  11. California Sold: WTB Ford Merch Gift Card

    Any body receive a Ford merch gift card that they don't plan on using and would like to sell pennies on the dollar? 🍻 It's worth a shot 💪
  12. California Sold: WTB Gloss black WT or FE mirror caps

    Figured I would look here first before moving onto plan B. Hoping someone took there gloss black mirror caps off and went MIC. My 22 WT comes with MIC and I want the gloss black. Will need to have the cuts outs for the camera, puddle lights and side markers (lux package)
  13. California Sold: WTB Bronco Raptor rock rails and side steps

    Looking and hoping someone will be upgrading there steps and are willing to part ways with their Braptor rock rails and side steps. Hopefully someone local to Socal, worse case, we can look into shipping... Thanks 🍻
  14. California Sold: 4 door OEM hard top $6200

    Not mine, just came across this on craigslist, for any one looking to upgrade their soft top to a 4 door OEM hardtop... Location is Oceanside CA https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/d/oceanside-oem-hardtop-for-full-size/7491132408.html
  15. HOSS 3.0 and Zone 1" level kit???

    I assume this shouldn't be an issue. I have been stock piling parts while I wait for my Bronco to be built. With that said, do you guys think the Zone 1" level kit would work the same on the HOSS 3.0 suspension as non HOSS 3.0? I assume yes, but I am not 100% and neither was stage3...