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  1. Power Seats

    The power seats come with the leather seat options and only in 4 door, not 2 door.
  2. Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant...Any Reviews or Thoughts

    I use a bunch of Chemical Guys products and I have liked them all, but I don't use this universal product of theirs. I have one for plastic, one for internal paint, cleaner for the seats and leather treater. I also use their soaps and one of their ceramic coating type products...
  3. Mystery Part - Anyone Know?

    It's got nothing to do with wireless charging, just a filler for that console per @Gassyjack .
  4. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    That's where I noticed it, with my hood protector. I put the emblems on about two hours ago and they adhered great without the promoter.
  5. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Funny, I was about to post the same pic, mine came as well today. Are you planning on using the adhesion promoter? I am skipping that step because in my experience it leaves marks on the paint sometimes. Besides I just ceramic coated the whole vehicle yesterday in anticipation of the badges...
  6. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Likewise, hoping we have it by next week.
  7. My Bronco has been 28k trouble free

    Just under a year and a half, just over 18k beautifully trouble free miles. Did I mention I have the MT?
  8. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I'm #7427 and Badlands. So being only three orders after you it is clear that they are sticking with their program of making like trims together. Guessing we (Badlands folk) are next.
  9. 🐾 Show Us Your Dog + Bronco Photos!

    Put Mobius and Holden in a hammock for the first time.
  10. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Installed the attic tray that just arrived from Pura Vida Offroad thank you again Brandon @UtahBrandon.
  11. Pura Vida Offroad Summer ordering update

    Oh my, that sucks sorry.
  12. Pura Vida Offroad Summer ordering update

    @UtahBrandon Brandon are you back on track from a shipping standpoint after your sabbatical? Just ordered the shelf last night finally after having had the brackets installed for 8 or so months now. Thanks, Alex
  13. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Neither did I, I am #7427 and a Badlands Squatch as well, they make them in trim batches I believe, we can very likely be next. Love my Magnums I just got a couple weeks ago.
  14. Aeroskin II Bug Deflector installed

    Many of us have had that particular hood deflector on for a long time (year and a half myself) and it definitely helps with bugs on the windshield and as best I can tell, probably helps tiny debris pass up an over the windshield i.e. tiny stones. Not sure it does anything one way or the other...

    303 as others have said and Chemical Guys has a great product I have used for a year and a half and works great and despite the company's name having chemical in it, their stuff is super mild.
  16. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    That would be my guess as well. Seemed a little too quick for us May bunch to be getting them.
  17. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I have no idea if I am in this run, but I'm excited for those that are. Thanks Curtis.
  18. RCI Off Road Roof Rack Accessory Panel!!

    It appears that the faring does not come with the half roof rack or the full rack for that matter, but I didn't see it available on your site. I assume it is there.