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  1. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Well this is a surprise. Hard top too. Order was placed December 2021.
  2. 📬 Scheduling emails are going out now!! (3/2/23)

    My hard top Big Bend order from Chapman actually got scheduled. I didn’t cave to switching to soft top. Didn’t really expect it to get scheduled this MY. Original non reservation order placed December 2021.
  3. Good price on Chemical Guys Convertible Top Cleaner

    If you have an Ollie’s close by I saw Chemical Guys convertible top cleaner for $5.99.
  4. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    The only colors I can say I truly like are lightning blue, code orange, cyber orange and desert tan. For my least favorite I picked AMB. IMO it was a waste of blue because it looks almost black. I know people love it so don’t take offense to my opinion. Maybe some day Ford will start putting...
  5. Pennsylvania bill to change doors-off law

    Saw this posted on another forum. Those of you that live in PA know it’s not legal to drive with your doors off. Well a bill has been introduced to hopefully change that. Senate Bill 298
  6. I've moved on - For now

    I didn't post to get validation or approval of any kind. I posted my experience with the Bronco, why I traded it. It's just the best thing to do at this time for me and my family. I could not chance any more issues. Or something worse that might have left me stranded or without a daily. I'm...
  7. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    Outside of the 18" wheels I like the current Linited Edition Splash Editions they did. Especially the Snow Edition in Avalanche.
  8. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    Looks like they may have started doing some production test runs of the Gen 6 Ranger at MAP. Pics: https://www.ranger6g.com/forum/threads/gen-6-ranger-raptor-rolling-down-the-map-line.7213/
  9. Robin's Egg Blue Bronco Heritage Editions Spotted, both 2 and 4 door late last week

    Love blue and even lighter shades of blue like Jeeps Chief Blue. This one is just a little light for my tastes.
  10. I've moved on - For now

    Haven't experienced any of that yet. The Wilderness has different gearing so that might have something to do with it.
  11. I've moved on - For now

    Yeah this is my first CVT. Haven't really adjusted to it yet. It's definitely a transition.
  12. I've moved on - For now

    Surprising I have seen many people hate the Subaru base audio. They have apparently never heard the stock Bronco base stereo. With a few tweaks in the settings the stock stereo in the Outback sounds decent. Nothing is compelling me to upgrade anything right now.
  13. I've moved on - For now

    I did own a Gladiator prior to the Bronco. Nope nothing in the Stellantis line. Didn't want another Wrangler or Gladiator. Don't like the new Grand Cherokee.
  14. I've moved on - For now

    And we were all making that same exact comment about the Bronco 2 1/2 years ago. LOL
  15. I've moved on - For now

    Yeah I think they started doing the Wilderness last year. They have a Forester Wilderness and next year Crosstrek is getting a Wilderness. 1" higher suspension, different gearing, front skid plate, reinforced roof rack and a few other things. The color I got, geyser blue, is exclusive to the...
  16. I've moved on - For now

    I got $2k over what I paid for the Bronco. Ford dealers were the one's lowballing me.
  17. I've moved on - For now

    Yeah I did. What's so unbelievable? So in your eyes I just have just stuck with the Bronco and hoped for the best. Is that what your saying?? I didn't even mention what I traded for in MY OP. Didn't feel the need. Someone asked so I answred. Sorry it doesn't get your seal of approval. I'll be...
  18. I've moved on - For now

    Then you didn't read the whole post. I'm not going anywhere. And fully intend to revist the Bronco in the future. But you read things like you want. You already did anyway.
  19. I've moved on - For now

    Something that I wouldn't have seen myself getting 6 months ago. 2023 Subaru Outback Wilderness. It checked most of my boxes. -Will do all of the off-roading I normally do -Mind blowing amount of standard features for the price. Including adaptive LED headlights. -Plenty of power...
  20. I've moved on - For now

    9/22 and final assembly date was a Sunday. Probably worse than a Friday night or Monday morning build. LOL