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  1. Manhart BC400 Bronco looks good.

    Saw this one awhile back... Interesting take on painting the hardtop two-tone.
  2. KBD Fender Flares - Painted & Installed

    Yep, love these flares from what's been released so far, and definitely need to be painted. What did the whole setup run you? I'd want mine black, just like that.
  3. Mabett 4pc Dome Lite Kit and Cargo Light Discounts

    Same for me @ToddGreen... I added extra tape to the cargo light and when using the harness of the 4 interior lights, it all clicked together well.
  4. Best Raptor Grill to Buy?

    Yeah, I'd go with @IAG Performance ... There are other knockoffs, but you'll likely get better support from IAG, though they're from the same suppliers at times and you pay an IAG/USA support tax.
  5. Help me decide... Eruption Green vs Velocity Blue

    Team EG all the way!
  6. Mabett 4pc Dome Lite Kit and Cargo Light Discounts

    Not only plug and play, but works with the front overhead OEM dome switch. It's awesome! Put a video on my Amazon review. Definitely lights up the interior well!
  7. Issues Dashboard peeling due to sun heat

    Yep... Girlfriend or wifey is suspect or isn't being honest...
  8. 74Weld Bronco Portals now available!

    I've stayed stock SAS waiting for portals.. Now waiting for warranty to expire, truck to be paid off (both 3 years), and then hopefully interest rates or zero percent offerings on portals are available. I'm down with portals. Screw all that other stuff. Do it once, do it right, albeit do it...
  9. Rear Window Dome Light DIY - TrailRax Bronco Build

    On Facebook, Mabett shared they're working on something that will provide a built-in light by replacing that plastic housing... Looks really good! Videos and photos were provided. May be coming soon for those that aren't DIYers...
  10. Grille LED letters and smoked taillight installed

    Thanks. I'm loving them. No more red! And not smoked.
  11. THIS is how Ford should have done the Bronco Heritage Edition

    As a trial, and just for giggles, you could have a shop wrap the plastic bumper in chrome vinyl... Ya know, if you've got money to burn... Or DIY. If it didn't meet the vision, peel it off... Easy peasy.
  12. Mabett "No Red" Taillights

    @RC Bronco ...
  13. Mabett "No Red" Taillights

    Can do when I'm back at home. I will say, the only difference is the wiring is a little more involved, but nothing too crazy. LEDs to LEDs is straight plug and play.
  14. Mabett "No Red" Taillights

    I imagine they'll be on sale at some point... They usually do 20-30% off. I purchased at $400 because I had gift card monies to use. Holding onto my OEMs in case they don't hold up. But Mabett always has great customer service.
  15. Mabett "No Red" Taillights

    Loving these! Find product here...
  16. Grille LED letters and smoked taillight installed

    For anybody who was interested...
  17. Grille LED letters and smoked taillight installed

    @Mabett to the rescue... These are for both halogen or LED. I just received them and will be trying to install this weekend. Will post pictures. Install instructions list both methods for either halogen or LED.
  18. Homebrew Rear Hardtop Shell Lift

    And you sir... Win my internet for the day...
  19. Physics Based Performance Modeling/Simulation - 0-60, 1/4 mi, Top Speed

    Damn good stuff... And this is why he's got a Raptor and I don't...