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  1. Starting issues

    Just had my starter replaced last week. Truck wouldn’t start, but had power. Towed to ford and replaced under warranty. Got back within a week. Maybe have your dealer check starter. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Biltwild

    Long Island Broncos

    In for sure!
  3. Dealer Apparently Keyed in Manual Instead of Automatic…

    The 7speed manual doesn't come in the 2.7l. so I would check on that too!
  4. Roof Cargo Box for 2022 Bronco?

    Thule XXL on the RCI roof rack. Has a big range of where you can have the cross members.
  5. Dealer question in the NY area.

    🤙just doing my part!
  6. Quick-Release Mud Flaps

    If you have the factory rock rails mine will slide right in and uses 1 bolt and a plug. Should have the product live in the coming weeks. We are just finishing up our production molds. Send me a DM for more info if interested.
  7. RCI Modular Roof Rack NOW AVAILABLE!

    Been a month and no update on my order for this rack. Anyone else get theres yet?
  8. Biltwild

    Long Island Broncos

    Can’t wait! 🤘
  9. Biltwild

    Long Island Broncos

    Congrats! Passed by Smithtown this afternoon saw they have a couple broncos hanging out there. Good looking BD! Enjoy!
  10. Driving a Bronco Raptor (POV Video)

    That black horse on the steering wheel 👌
  11. The million dollar mudflap fix (for Squatch rock fling)

    Yeah side steps are another animal. Haha but definitely a thought. One problem at a time. Will do! You guys are my market right here! Ha 3D printing was only for prototyping purposes. Production pieces will be molded from high impact resistant urethane. We may add fiber glass chop to increase...
  12. The million dollar mudflap fix (for Squatch rock fling)

    Haha been thinking about this since I got my bronco in July. Took in my own hands to get something out there. It’s also nice to have some different options. I have prototypes made and now just doing some material testing. with any product it’ll only get better once people are using them and we...
  13. Hard Top Hoist

    Harbor freight hoist works great.After taking the top off I have a dolly cart I put it on instead of letting it just dangle there.
  14. The million dollar mudflap fix (for Squatch rock fling)

    Real work got in the way last week so I that delayed me on this project. But! I should have the final part printed up EOD tomorrow. Then going to give it a road test. If it proves successful which I strongly believe it will. Then I will gear up to take preorders. Still finalizing materials and...
  15. Biltwild

    Long Island Broncos

    Was thinking about this yesterday! Sounds good!
  16. The million dollar mudflap fix (for Squatch rock fling)

    Should have a working prototype by this weekend. Here is a teaser shot from v1 . Had to make some adjustments. The snow and salt from the road is killing my truck I need to get these things on ASAP! Want to power wash truck before I take the rail plug out but it’s been too cold the last couple...