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  1. Cracked Roof Repair

    Just dropped the middle section of our MIC 4dr. Yeah I know, don't wanna hear it. Anywhoo any fixes out there to get by with to get the thing to possibly seal/stay together until a new one comes in?
  2. Capable Bumper Recovery Loops

    Are the loops removable? I was going to go with a shackle license plate mount for our BD's modular bumper but we switched bumpers and seeing the capable bumper had recovery points i kinda forgot about the plate thing. Now that we are getting down to the wire and looking at pics the mounting...
  3. Pillar light mounting

    There is supposed to be "Bronco Bolts" on the top of the exterior mirrors for mounting things like lights, is there pictures out there of them?
  4. Trying to reserve...

    I get to the reservation screen and it looks like what I would expect but it is grayed out and I can't do anything. I have tried two laptops (both firefox and edge) and my iphone and they all do the same thing. What am I doing wrong? I let it sit for like an hour and it made me log back in...