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  1. GIVEAWAY: X-Rocket Bronco Fender Mount Fishing Rod Holders by X-Rack

    I fly and spin fish IBSP in NJ. These would be great! Hate having to rebuild my rigs when I get to the beach. The front reciever and rack would be great adds as well. That is one sweet beach Bronco you have there!
  2. FORD Tire sticker on my new 2023 Badlands Sas is WRONG

    I'm running 42psi, no issues. Other than my teeth are falling out.
  3. Is Your Current Bronco Your “Forever One”?

    Given the emotional damage, pain, and suffering I had to endure as a 6g July 2020 order; I plan on keeping it forever.
  4. Key Fob Sleep Mode - You're going to LOVE this!

    +1 insightful. Somebody must have slept at a Holiday Inn last night! :)
  5. 2022 U.S. Rail Strike Tracker

    I'm not a railroad guy, but from everything I've read I believe you're 100% correct. Some of the scheduling/on call rules are completely insane. And given the size of these trains I don't see how removing one of the crew would even bump the needle on the profit margin. ( Then again, when...
  6. Windshield chip crack woes

    How does it hold up to the wipers?
  7. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    I have a Badlands 4dr sas lux mic - with no headliner.. Not sure what the delay was. Ford support claimed they didn't have any details - said to just keep checking back. Hopefully they get it on a trailer right quick and send it :) -- tracker is estimating 8 days to shipping.
  8. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    Finally flipped to 'built' this morning after 8/4 blend. Waiting for a convoy...
  9. jxc

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @Fly2Win finally got the 'built' status update today! Now just havebto get in on a convoy...
  10. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    What a bummer. Wish they would let us come pick them up! Im going to Ann Arbor in two weeks, would happily claim it from the factory if it were ready. I'd even let them keep the delivery fee :)
  11. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    I pinged Ford chat but they didn't provide me any details other than to keep checking back. -- It comes when it comes I guess. -- Happy for everyone that has gotten theirs or is getting theirs soon. But I'm dying here :)
  12. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    When? When am I going to get out of 'In Production'?!? It's been 33 days! I'm dying here!
  13. jxc

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    If only my Bronco would show up. Blended 8/4 and still stuck 'In Productuon ' :(
  14. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    Do you know if they hard pull your credit for the lock? 90 days may not be enough at this rate - and I don't want to hit it twice as I financed another vehicle recently.
  15. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    I'm hoping they hold mine til the Fed raises Prime to 8%. At this point half the cash i stashed for upgrades is going to be eaten by interest rate increases. C'mon Ford - hold mine longer so I can give it all to the bank...
  16. jxc

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @pineapple i had a 8/4 blend but still stuck in build. Hoping it just magically shows up this week ;)
  17. jxc

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Congrats! What was your blend and what did you get?
  18. 8/1/22 Build Week Group

    There is a price protection flowchart thread. Under the forum for reservations,orders etc. Check that. From what you said it sounds like you should only get the mid year protection. Unless I'm reading it wrong.
  19. PA Roll Call

    I have one built (8/4) and waiting for delivery to Hoskins. Glad to hear they treated you as agreed upon. From my experience they have been stand up folks. I did the "Drive the Bronco" event up at AOAA - looks to be a fun venue. Although it's a little hike to get to. Interested in finding...