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    Body shop painted grille white and then taped off the front and painted the outside eruption green to match.
  2. Keypad Security Code Retrieval

    Ive tried this on a couple of cars and it works not just on lincolns. you need both keys though.
  3. Boring paint options?

    eruption green is far from boring!!!! :) IMHO
  4. The sold my truck from underneath me. Now what?!

    this statement right here.....I would have questioned that immediately!!!! That''s BS.
  5. Wow 50k base

    The only positive that comes out of people paying more than MSRP is that it increases the average transaction price and artificially inflates what they are bringing for trade/auction value. But its only positive if your bought your Bronco at or below sticker. Thank god for "D-Plan"
  6. White Wheels????

    Black Rhino Axle in White 17x9 et +6
  7. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    black rhino axle in white 17x9 +6 et, nitto ridge grappler 35x12.5 (badlands non sasquatch with 2 inch perch lift)
  8. Method 305 wheel fitment

    https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/bronco/2022/#region-usdm great site for seeing how new wheels and tires will compare to stock :)
  9. Best site for comparing wheels and tire specs and more IMHO

    https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/bronco/2022/#region-usdm probly the best site there is as far as trying to figure out what will, wont, and could possible work.... not sure if anyone else has used this but I have used it on every single car I have ever done a wheel and tire or just tire...
  10. Feds to up Interest Rates

    Not my preferred way of doing it. Sometimes if you have the lower payments you tend to allocate extra funds elsewhere and get complacent. This way it forces me to pay off the vehicle quicker and build equity faster. It depends on how regimented you are. You just have to be on top of it and...
  11. Feds to up Interest Rates

    Yeah its crazy! Most of my banks are financing 130% of invoice or MSRP (depends on bank) or sometimes they use NADA or BlackBook or JD Powers....and advancing up to 130% of that number. Things could get really really really really ugly really quick.
  12. DV8 Offroad | Spec Series Front Bumper

    Damnit @DV8offroad you just gotta keep taking my money. ive got $3000 plus worth of your stuff already....you're killing me!!!!!
  13. Feds to up Interest Rates

    btw... .5% on a 72 month loan financing $40000 changes your monthly payment $9.40.....
  14. Best bronco plate ever?

    kinda partial to mine :)
  15. Feds to up Interest Rates

    Personally, If I have to go longer than 60 months to afford the payment, then I can't afford the vehicle. a 72 month loan at todays interest rates its crazy. I try to stick to 48 months whenever possible, or take the 60 month contract and pay the 48 month payment as often as possible. If you...
  16. Feds to up Interest Rates

    I don't buy cars based on interest rates...I'm buying a vehicle not a rate. The rate only determines how much money I will come out of pocket with. When vehicle rates are low I put my money towards either higher interest debt or investments. With these high rates...I would just put more money...
  17. Is your Bronco the most expensive vehicle you’ve bought?

    My 2018 Audi RS5 and 2019 Q7 Prestige and 2017 A6 prestige were a tad more. My wifes F150 is also more expensive as well.
  18. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    this 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 percent!!!!!!