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  1. Installed 1.5” perch collar, have CV joint bind on tight turning.

    As the title suggests, getting some CV joint binding on slow speed tight turning after installation of 1.5” perch collars. it clunks once about one wheel revolution. Both left and right. only made one slow speed test drive, no problems when not turning tight. scheduled for alignment, have...
  2. N.I.B. RTR EVO 6 Zero offset in Charcoal F.S.

    Listed in Marketplace https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/new-in-box-rtr-evo-6.63232/
  3. Washington New in Box RTR EVO 6

    5 new in box Evo 6 wheels. 17 x 9 Zero offset. Satin Charcoal. $1075 Located in Tacoma area. local Pick up best
  4. Puget Sound Dealer for Performance Calibration install

    Curious if anyone has a reference for an experienced dealer tech for the install of the Bronco Performance calibration? Maintaining the warranty is reason enough to go to a dealer who hopefully can do it well without complications.