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  1. Gorpolak

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    You can run Baja mode in 2H
  2. Feedback on RCI vs Metal Tech 4x4 Rock Sliders

    I had the complete opposite experience from you. I found them quick to respond to questions before I made my purchase and issues I had after purchase ( within a day). Fitment was great, the issue I had was I was missing some hardware (a bolt, lock nut and washers). I simply ran to Lowes as it...
  3. Feedback on RCI vs Metal Tech 4x4 Rock Sliders

    Hope this helps. I say about a boot width upfront and more with the kick out in the back. Definitely usable as a step to get in and out or to reach the roof.
  4. What Mudflaps do you have installed?

    Rokblokz XL long; went with them mostly for ease of installation and removal while providing great coverage.
  5. Likes and Dislikes About Rekgen and Rokblokz Mud Flaps Only?

    They definitely do help a lot with keeping debris off the side of the vehicle. I haven’t seen any rock chips on the side but then again I do not drive down gravel roads that you may encounter more so in Alaska. I did notice in the winter it kept a considerable amount of snow, ice and slush off...
  6. Likes and Dislikes About Rekgen and Rokblokz Mud Flaps Only?

    I went with Rokblokz XL Long for my ‘22 Badlands w/ sasquatch. The selling point for me was the ability to easily remove them. They can be removed quickly with a thumb screw or if you used the “permanent” screw set then a fee minutes longer with an allen key. Other than that I think they look...
  7. Feedback on RCI vs Metal Tech 4x4 Rock Sliders

    Finally got around to installing the @Metal-tech 4x4 sliders! Installation was straight forward and I could see these holding up for a long time. Defiantly recommend a friend to help and use of floor jacks! For the pinch weld I ended up using XPEL PPF for bed rails. It’s the same as the door...
  8. *Poll* Rock Slider Suggestions?

    I went with @Metal-tech 4x4 sliders as well for my 4dr. The @rokblokz mudflaps help with rock chips immensely.
  9. Next Venture, Rock Slide, LOD, or RCI Rock Sliders

    I think these are great! Installation was relatively easily. Well as easy as two people could do it laying on the ground that is. Having jack stands help immensely. I used some XPEL PPF Bed Rail guard to cover up the pinch welds. You could use their door sill protector as it is the same...
  10. Major issue with my new Bronco's wheels / hub (wheel came off while driving)

    I do believe its 100. I just had mine in for the first service and on the write up of what they did they mention all wheels torqued to that (I do not currently have it with me to verify). I had the same happen to me while working construction during college. This happened on a '93 Dodge...
  11. Ford Says These MIC Hardtop Cracks Are Considered Normal

    I noticed this crack last week on my MIC 2.0. September ‘22 build, October delivery and never took the top off nor anything on it. There is some discoloration as well and what appear to be scratches. Brought it to the dealer this morning to get its first maintenance and start a claim on the top.
  12. Favorite Screen Protector?

    Couldn't be any happier with the Screen ProTech I have both on the Bronco and 4runner. You don't see the edges as they tuck behind the trim. Bronco Screen ProTech My review and installation
  13. Next Venture, Rock Slide, LOD, or RCI Rock Sliders

    I was lucky enough to snag one of these sets with this recent batch. Very happy with the customer service as I found them very responsive and shipment was quick. Took seven days for delivery to get to me from ordering but that was with a one day delay due to mechanical issues with UPS...
  14. KOH Edition or Bronco Raptor?

    Do you want to customize it or have one that is already fully customized with not much to do to it? With that, do you want your own personality into the vehicle or someone lese who decided the course of how it should be? I do not know the cost of the KOH version but I'm guessing its going to...
  15. Bronco Essentials for a Novice. PLEASE advise!

    I can offer some insight on the products that I have. For mudflaps, I went with Rockblokz simply for the fact they are removable. I got the XL long ones and they help protect the body and keep snow/dirt off of it really well. It's noticeable on the rear fender as now it does not build up...
  16. Feedback on RCI vs Metal Tech 4x4 Rock Sliders

    Oh I don't doubt the ease of it. I just have to get over the hump of painting over something new and not being reversible. My other thought was using Plasti Dip with many coats.
  17. Feedback on RCI vs Metal Tech 4x4 Rock Sliders

    They are definitely worth it with keeping things of the body and off the rear fender on the 4 door. They rarely, if ever do sales but I got mine I think with a 15% off during Black Friday/Cyber Monday week. My MetalTech should be arriving Tuesday (ordered this past Wednesday)and will try and...
  18. Feedback on RCI vs Metal Tech 4x4 Rock Sliders

    Finally ordered these today as they had a few in stock. As of now, only 3 left for those that want it. Any tips or pointers in installing them? Looks fairly simple to install.
  19. MGV (Vinyl) versus Leather

    MGV and my three dogs aren’t complaining about not having cup holders or an arm rest in the back. I’m finding these seats to be real comfortable and easy to clean. Ask me again how I feel about them after a 90 degree day and high humidity.
  20. Morimoto XRGB vs. Alpharex NOVA Headlights - real world comparison w/ photos

    I think the only intention here was to be vague and use the wrong verbiage by using "headlight" interchangeably in referring to the projectors/bulbs and headlight itself. But I think you are both wrong, as I do not see a round headlight or a half moon one. When I look at my headlights I see a...