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  1. Free black diamond wheels (5) No TPMS

    yes, but I have a set that I plasti dipped white you can have if you want them. No center caps but have the tpms

    I do on my '23 BD manual

    Yes, but nothing that would excite most people. They are both pre mbusa Europa versions, one is a G300td Diesel with the OM606 and the other is a Former Brabus Rally Truck. The Brabus is my favorite off road beater, it is a manual stroked inline 6, triple locked, 2 speed manual t case ...

    Thanks, somewhere along the line I lost my mind
  5. Missouri 2023 Black Diamond 2 door, hd, mid, 7 speed manual, non SAS

    My HL has landed so I will be parting ways with my BD. The mods are all cosmetic and are easy to reverse if so desired. The mirror caps, door handles and KBD flares are body color matched (painted) to the vehicle. I have all the factory parts, taillights, flares, grill, wheels that come with...

    My wife units 2 door heritage limited came in today. This modular top rocks
  7. Heritage classic elements + racing stripes on 2 Door Bronco

    Thank you. Yes, it is the heritage grill from Ford. The top is actually wrapped, the flares, mirror caps, grill and door handles are all painted. My Heritage limited is actually shipped at this point so I will be selling this. Caravan offered me 41k for it in stock form (it is a '23 manual...
  8. Free mid height bull bar with light mounts (can be removed) for modular bumper

    Tried this on my black diamond but did not like it. Fit was fine but was not the look I wanted. Free, local pickup only in O'Fallon, Mo. Obviously I cannot tell you what to do once I give it away but would prefer this go to an end user, not flipper/seller. Was only on the truck 2 days. Does...
  9. Colorado Update on Archetype Racing Side Badge Emblems

    I didn't quote anyone, it was a generalized statement . I think we all believe each one of us can do better in many regards, and we generally do one mistake at a time.
  10. Colorado Update on Archetype Racing Side Badge Emblems

    In our new world (post covid) it is best to just forget about orders and take it as a surprise when they actually land (as long as it is from a reputable business). Getting angry/upset and constantly contacting a company will not make it go any quicker. If it is something you need now only...
  11. California Broncover 2door

    message sent
  12. My two dirty girls together

    Thank you. They are wheels smith 17 X 8 BARE SMOOTHIE 6 ON 5.50 BACKSPACE 5.625 (5 5/8) POWDERCOAT SINGLE STAGE RAL 9010 ARTILLERY SMOOTHIE 41 FORD STAINLESS
  13. My two dirty girls together

    They both need a bath
  14. My two dirty girls together

    Now that the Black Diamond is about done it is time to turn my attention back to the '74. They do make a great pair
  15. KBD fender flares

    If you’re talking to me that is a huge compliment coming from you, and you definitely assisted me more than once. Now if you would just give me the file for the engine ci I’ll be set lol
  16. Heritage classic elements + racing stripes on 2 Door Bronco

    KBD Flares painted and installed
  17. KBD fender flares

    Love that scheme, it would look beautiful. Here they are finished and installed with a couple tweaks. I think I am going to like them
  18. KBD fender flares

    here is my test fit, going to paint the inside a flat black after seeing them on.