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  1. Ford Bronco Extended Warranty - $50 Over Cost @ Granger Ford

    Hello, I would like to purchase an extended warranty. I see on your site when I choose vehicle info and location, that California does not populate as an option(insert obligatory CA comments here) I am currently in the middle of a move from Colorado to California and still have CO residence...
  2. Regrets

    It reignited my true love of driving. The ride quality on road in normal as well as messy weather, the seamless ability to mod it to your liking for various capabilities in the off-road scene. MPGs are actually respectable for the size and power. I guess I’ve been lucky so far in that fit and...
  3. Drop a Picture of Your Bronco for a Rating

    Pic isn’t the coolest but it’s my most recent shot. Couple weeks ago before the big Utah storms. This area is now under multiple feet of snow.
  4. Drop a Picture of Your Bronco for a Rating

    I feel like I’ve seen this Bronco before 🤔
  5. NEW FOR 2022 - Patrol HD _ // 2021+ Bronco Wheels

    Daddy like. But, I will wait til some type of titanium or dark grey releases and standard Sasquatch offset. Make it happen fifteen52!!
  6. Imploded front diff and transfer case

    Yepp, I am in Colorado and this has happened to a few people I wheel with who have Sasquatch on 37s. I’m still on the stock Sasquatch wheels and hoping mine doesn’t chew itself up someday, definitely makes you nervous. One guy has had it implode twice already. If you are curious for more...
  7. Ursa Minor Camper Top for 2021 Bronco 4 door [B30 Pop Up Camper ]

    Patiently awaiting more details on this as well as the Land Roveresque skylight version by Patriot Fastback. Photos and details please!!
  8. Eibach Pro Lift Kit for the 2021+ Ford Bronco (Sasquatch Package)

    I don’t know but I now go by Goodyears spec and always shoot for 32. 39 is way too high, and I guarantee there are people running 40+ for a lil extra MPG gain. One of the off-rodeo guides pointed it out after noticing the cupping on Broncos that customers owned.
  9. Eibach Pro Lift Kit for the 2021+ Ford Bronco (Sasquatch Package)

    They will absolutely start to cup at that pressure. Go on Goodyears site and see the pressures they post for the tire. Ford has the higher PSI for the better fuel efficiency ratings. You will not see a noticeable mpg difference even if you do go down to around 32, plus you will gain better...
  10. Eibach Pro Lift Kit for the 2021+ Ford Bronco (Sasquatch Package)

    Where’d you get them for $337? That’s a good deal.
  11. Eibach Pro Lift Kit for the 2021+ Ford Bronco (Sasquatch Package)

    I would suggest lowering your tire pressure to about 32 if you are on stock sas tires. If you run the higher pressure, you will start noticing earlier wear on the center tread.
  12. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Niice, thanks!
  13. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Looks rather similar to the factory softtop in that the rear window keeps a very similar angle to the top of the rear cargo door. I like it better than the factory hardtop angles. The finish looks very glossy, would you say the sheen is comparable to the black mirror caps, handles, or trim...
  14. JCR Vanguard bumper with Comeup Seal Slim Winch installed

    Nice job. Will be curious to see the front camera view with it fully installed and a side profile shot.
  15. Analog HD _ / / 2021+ Bronco wheel thread - Specs

    Do you have photos of the peak gray analogs on any Bronco? Trying to figure out the shade of gray, and how it would go with cactus grey and the carbonized Grey Badlands grille. I may go with black but curious about the grey.
  16. Eibach

    Tried to DM you, but couldn’t for some reason. Do you guys have the eibach Sasquatch springs in stock? Also, are you still doing a discount code? Very interested in ordering a set. Thanks!!
  17. Everglades finally came.

    Hey, me first!! 🤣
  18. Full time 4wd transfer case aftermarket retrofit install?

    100% agree here. Mountain roads with variable conditions during ski season is really where it shines.
  19. Exterior Protection with thicker than vinyl film

    Is the rocker panel protection still a prototype? Not seeing it on their site. They look like a good solution to rock chips and easily removable.