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  1. Iconmageddon

  2. Jeepsters Liber Ducked Me!!!

    Hey! I party with anybody driving an off-road shoebox!!!
  3. 2.3L Stock Mufflers Flapperectomy

    I saw what the inside of these stock mufflers look like elsewhere on B6G; https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/modded-stock-2-3-muffler-for-more-sound-video-sound-clips-added.67056/ WhoTF would put a moving part inside a muffler?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am convinced that these car manufacturers are...
  4. Neutral Tow Anti-Theft?

    Say! Anyone think of using neutral tow as an anti-theft feature? Say when forced to park in a crappy area? I just normally use my 7 sp Manuel Tranny...
  5. 22 Badlands vs FJ40

    Not a comparo, just a few pics from my Redneck German friend's Christmas Party. Mini-Bike Armageddon!!! Merry Christmas Ya'll!!!
  6. White Betty Bronco

    Got my truck 12 Nov. Why izzit everdamntime I get a new vehicle it rains for a month? Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro Ditch Lights; brighter than the headlights. They're good for pissing off meth heads partying on their front porches on Thanksgiving. Don't axe me how I knows this. $51 Amazon Fake...
  7. Sudden Ubiquitousness

    Man these thangs are about a dime a dozen. Met Jay (where else?) at the liquor store...
  8. Keyless entry standard equipment?

    Got my 22 Badlands Saturday after a 14 month wait. Window sticker says "keyless entry" under standard equipment, so does the 2022 Badlands build site. So I'm trying to get the keyless entry to work...there are no sensors on the door handles and no option to enable it on the screen. I had keyless...