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  1. Extremely fast shipping to Ontario (convoy) / tracking info

    Heads up to my Ontario fam. My bronco literally landed @ dealer north of Toronto same day it shipped out from map. Came by convoy (truck) Transport was done through cassens transport. If you have dealer # you can track on the cassens website. Hope this helps some of you.
  2. Order tracking for Canadians

    Anyone know if there’s a way to track a Canadian VIN ? Ford website only tracks US vin apparently
  3. Switched to soft top. Build date sept 6 delivery sept 13

    As header states I switched to soft top aprox 2 weeks ago. Today my rep called with the good news. build date is sept 6 and delivery is scheduled for sept 13. That seems pretty fast? I am in Ontario Canada
  4. Any Canadians out there take delivery yet?

    I see some lucky US customers taking delivery but nothing in Canada yet. Anyone?
  5. Concerning correspondence with dealer

    I am a bit concerned about recent convo with sales rep. I contacted him about changing to a soft top build to get it faster. He proceeded to tell me he can’t change orders to a soft top, and the only available tops are the MIC. He said it isn’t even an option to order the soft tops anymore. I...
  6. Ontario Customer BUIlD DATES

    Let’s see who from Ontario has received a build date. Also post your res time stamp and build!
  7. Fellow Canadians

    Does anyone think we may have a better chance of getting 21 allocation in Canada? here’s my theory 125k orders between USA and Canada. Canada is 10% of US population so let’s say we have 12500 of the 125k total orders. maybe Canada gets all of the 12500 bronco orders as 21s? I wonder how...