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  1. Day of Delivery Issues

    Don't buy it......take it back or.......realize that sometimes shit happens. Nothing is perfect no matter how much you pay for it.
  2. Has anyone switched from a 4Runner to a Bronco?

    I had a 2 door 4Runner and bought a 4 door Bronco.
  3. Cheap A$$ Spare

    Strange thread
  4. Anyone have 33" tires on a Sasquatch?

    Non SAS Badlands with Eibach coil overs. 1.5” over stock.
  5. Clutch stop for M/T Broncos?

    Why do you want a clutch stop? I've driven a lot of manual trans cars and never needed a clutch stop. You learn pretty quick where it engages/disengages.;)
  6. Gas Prices Are Headed Back Up In February (No Politics)

    Yep, just where I expected this thread to go when I read the title.😉
  7. Gas Prices Are Headed Back Up In February (No Politics)

    so, sell your Bronco today....to carmigo take with a grain of salt or maybe a spoonful
  8. Are 35's better than 37's for Daily Driving ? ? ? ?

    Of course 35s are better for daily driving. I‘m surprised anyone has to ask
  9. Bronco in Eruption Green + Ionic Silver 2-tone (Bronco II style)

    Yep, looks like a Bronco II……not a good look for a gen6. Plus, those wheels sucked then and no better now.
  10. Wax Coat Finish - Nu Finish NFP-80

    Nu Finish is good stuff.....been using it for years.
  11. Not changing a dam thing build.

    Great Choice! but you really should lift it 4”……install 0 offset wheels with 37”s Very glad you’re not! It looks great!
  12. Throttle Response Controller... WOW!

    I’m with you Rob. I just removed my Pedal Monster for the reasons you listed. I respect the thoughts of those that are so enamored with these devices, but to me they’re just a form of snake oil😉
  13. Is ICON the only maker of hub centric 93.1 wheels?

    Sorry for your troubles! Ford does not sell these wheels. A Ford dealer may, but not from/through Ford. Ford would never sell a wheel that wasn't hub centric from the factory. Good luck getting this mess straightened out.
  14. Got New Shoes - GY Duratrac 275/65-18

    Duratracs are great tires or should say that they have been for me. They came OEM on my 6.7 Tremor. Love them.
  15. What size tires are these?

    Yep,, Kendra. My 3rd set on different vehicles. Balance easy and wear well.
  16. Method Race Wheel MR307 failure

    Get a lawyer……get a lawyer!!! Wow……what a different world we live in today😉

    Don’t believe it dId. It was a very different design and materials. Do you think the roll bar was engineered into 6thgens for looks?

    Not as much about rolling over as it's about structural problems, as has already been mentioned. Go ahead and cut it out! See what happens.....report back to the forum. Just FYI, all convertibles that have ever been produced have extra structural bracing from the factory.
  19. Raised White Lettering

    1st gen Broncos definitely didn't use white letter tires; at least from the factory.....just saying. "Old school" obviously doesn't always mean what one would think;)
  20. Eibach Coilovers - Any First Impressions?

    You must have used the “remove the hubs” method of installation……sounds like at least one of the axles is not seated correctly in the joint.