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  1. Interior Comparison 4 Door Bronco and JLU

    We all know the interior specs and dimensions of each from going to the Bronco and Wrangler wedsite. For the people who have been up close and possibly sat inside of a new Bronco and a JLU, what are your thoughts in size comparison? Which one looks or feels more roomy in the front and back...
  2. POLL- First Edition Identity

    Like a zebra being either black with white stripes or white with black stripes, what do you think the FE identifies as? ? Is it a Wildtrak with everything including the kitchen sink (disconnect) or is it a Badlands with everything? This is just something else to get us by until the order...
  3. SAS or Squatch...... Let’s Settle it

    I keep seeing some people using “SAS” as an abbreviation for Sasquatch. Everybody knows that “Squatch” is the correct way. For those in the off-road community for a longer period than your membership on this forum, we know SAS stands for “Solid Axle Swap”. It’s been this way forever all over...
  4. Ford Sends New Survey: "Bronco Needs Your Help"

    Anybody get this email with a survey? I haven’t started the survey but I’ll post what it says and maybe you guys can help me fill it out, properly. ? :poop: EDIT: Here are all of the screenshots from the entire survey.
  5. POLL Which Model Will Become Late Delivery?

    Which model do you expect to become a late delivery due to demand, parts supply, etc? Please explain why you think so. My guess is the BL because it seems to be in the highest demand and it has parts that aren’t shared with any other models except for the FE. What say you?
  6. Post B&P WT or BL Let’s Talk It Out POLL

    So now we know exactly what we are (and are not) going to get with the Wildtrak and the Badlands along with their price. Have any of these updates changed your mind on which model you’re getting? I was 100% WT until the modular top became a late delivery. Now I think I’m switching to a fully...
  7. Hot Wheels 2021 Bronco

    Here’s some leaked photos of the new 2021 Hot Wheels Bronco. Right now they are not listed on the Hot Wheels website. It seems that these are truly leaked for the moment. Looks like there might be some Hot Wheels employee Bronco fans!! :love:
  8. iPhone 12 To Match Your Bronco???

    Nope, the colors might not match perfectly, but close enough to count for a Bronco nut like me. And probably some of you other nuts too. ? Sorry to all of the Apple Haters. No offense and no I’m not an Apple fanboy. I just like things simple and easy. Area 51 Race Red Lightning Blue...
  9. Broncos Review and Brand Manager Interview At Super Cel East

    To skip straight to the interview:
  10. Video: 6'3" guy climbs in and out of 2 door Bronco rear seats (+ full review)

    There’s a bunch of fan questions being answered, complete walk around a 2 door and the Sasquatch rolling chassis, a big guy climbs in the back of a 2 door, etc. This is a pretty informative video. Enjoy!! Shortcut to specific part where he climbs in back of the 2 door Bronco. Full video
  11. Bronco Special Edition, Packages, New Features, and Colors

    Ok, so what have you heard about the Special Editions, appearance packages, new features and colors? Post your rumors, facts, wants, needs, and shenanigans here.
  12. Petition To Stop Making More Polls

    If you are interested in NO more polls being started, please sign this petition. Thank you. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. s/
  13. Official Bronco Super Celebration EAST

    Here is the official Ford page for the Bronco Super Celebration East event. Enjoy!! ? https://www.broncodriver.com/index.php/events/bronco-super-celebration/
  14. Article: Bronco Warthog confirmed for 2021 with Fall reveal and December ordering?

    Via Truck Trend article: “Even more interesting is a reply from the official Ford account in the comments which states that the vehicle in question will be announced in the "fall" and will be available for ordering in "December". They end the response with "Saddle up" leaving no doubt that the...
  15. Car Review Video of Bronco SPORT

  16. More Q&A from Bronco Super Celebration West (by multiple sources)

    UPDATED: 9/12/2020 From @Yelie and @irv0735: Q. Would you describe the driving feel on road from 45-85 mph as more similar to Explorer, Ranger or something different in the Ford lineup? A: The driver there wouldn't compare. He did say he thought the bronco felt like it has more power than the...
  17. Hard Top Panels Onboard Storage

    For the 4 door hard top, I’m thinking we could stow the two front pieces in the Rear cargo area and maybe strap down the larger panel to the top of this small rear aftermarket roof rack? What do you think? Obviously it needs to be strapped down with ratchet straps or something that won’t come...
  18. Graphics for FE and WT

    I was watching an old video and noticed these graphics on the Sport. It looks like a BL badge on it but I’ve never seen any graphics like this before. The first thing I thought of was Wildtrak before I noticed the badge. Has anyone else seen any of the graphics for the Wildtrak or First Edition...
  19. Messin’ With Sasquatch (Ford)

    So I tweet once or twice a day to Ford and Mike Levine just to give me something to do in between clicking F5 on the build and price page. Here’s a few of my most recent tweets. Have you guys been bugging the crap out of them on social media like I have? Post up your shenanigans!