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  1. Ford claims flat towing our 4 mo. old Bronco destroyed the transmission (not covering under warranty)

    So you can’t park the car on the trailer at these RV parks. Lol I too don’t understand why people don’t uses trailers. Makes no sense to me to flat tow a vehicle.
  2. Clean inside of soft top

    I would open the doors and blow it out with my air compressor
  3. Wiper blades leaving black smudges

    If only there was a way to change the wiper blades …
  4. SAS's First Trip Awesome to Sasquatch Museum... But Rock Chips Galore

    Upgrade to some nitto ridge grappler tires...no issues with rocks..great in south florida for our rain too
  5. Handling Problem On Hard Braking (2 Door)

    Never had any issues with mine. Brakes are great
  6. Custom Badges!

    they want YouTube views I guess
  7. Easy DIY Door Removal Lift System!

    Looks like a good idea for those in need of this extra helping hand
  8. 2.5 in spacer lift (front & rear) w/ 33 in tires??

    Here is mine with spacers and 33s Before I went bigger. I now have Nitto 35s and SAS wheels
  9. Please Don't Buy These

    They will match the Bronco script perfectlyyyy
  10. Loss of Power

    Fuel pump possibly
  11. The moment you realized you should’ve gone with cloth seats

    But then they can’t whine how hot the seat is😂😂😂
  12. The moment you realized you should’ve gone with cloth seats

    You don’t under stand that you over exaggerated