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  1. NEW from BOSS 4x4: Panhard Bar (Track Bar) Relocation Bracket

    I’d like to know as well @Boss Broncos as I need ~2”.
  2. Chritaka

    North Texas Bronco Club

    Any events coming soon, other than the Winstar cruise? I need to hit some trails... Also, when is the monthly?
  3. Tube Doors installed. Door open warning?

    This is the only msg I get as well! Nice color btw.. (y)
  4. Bug shield hood deflector.

    After tons of bug splatter and a rock chip on the glass, I installed the AVS AeroSkin II Bug Shield (same as OP) almost 2 weeks ago. I like the look and texture, it matches well with the Bronco. It has drastically cut down on the bug splatter from the country roads/hwy so far and I expect it...
  5. HOSS 3.0 Replace Stock Springs with Longer Springs

    We've been hearing that for ~6 months now... :LOL: The SAS ones haven't been noted as officially supported. They're supposed to have HD spring options as well, but still no update.
  6. New Product Announcement - SPV SMOKED Grille Marker Lights...

    Dangit John, always innovating! I thought I was done with my lighting, but these would probably look good with my amber backlit SS3's... I may be sending you a text on this... :LOL: John is great to work with guys and always takes care of his customers. (y)
  7. SRQ Fabrications Front Hybrid Winch Bumper

    It’s not bad in person. It has the best approach angle and the tightest fit of any winch enclosed bumper I found. I get compliments from everyone on it… Previous rigs had the winch messed with when exposed and even almost stolen once. I also wanted the synthetic rope shielded from the Sun. I...
  8. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I got my WT in late Jan, and with our crazy extended winter, the softy wasn't soo bad. I'm more annoyed with the fraying I'm starting to get in spots and paint wear spots in the rear corner.... :mad: I keep watching this thread for better news from ADV... I'm still undecided between this and...
  9. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    I like the look of the Toyo R/T's...and their weight... They were in the running for me as well, but settled on Mickey T. Baja Boss AT's. How do they ride?
  10. Meet Sassy! It was love at first sight - and she was mine 24 hours later!

    Excellent score! Congrats. I haven’t really been paying attention to the HE’s, but this pops… I like it! (y)
  11. "I like your Jeep!"

    We do the same thing and now they spot the other Broncos way before I do... My boys call out the colors and even trims sometimes!:LOL:
  12. Texas WTS ‘23 Wildtrak 4dr HOSS 3.0 Fox Coilovers

    Reduced: $1650 Local pickup; $1800 shipped (most zips, buyer to pay any additional) Serious inquiries only and I will not separate the set. The only trades I may consider are gas tank, transmission, or transfer case skids in partial trade.
  13. SRQ Fabrications Front Hybrid Winch Bumper

    Since the ADS resi’s mount to them, they don’t seem to stick out so much now and I don’t mind them. I think they look kinda cool peeking out, but I do have a little concern about protection in that spot. It would be pretty difficult to hit one of them though…
  14. Bumper replacement causes parking sensors to go nuts

    It depends on your bumper they're coming out of, some have flat outer sensor clips and some have angled. Depends on if you have the steel or plastic OEM bumper. If you have angled mounts/clips, you may need flat ones, or vise versa, depending on the style of your aftermarket bumper. You can...
  15. Got the decals and front window tint done today

    Looks good. The hood graphics are different, l like it. (y)
  16. Texas WTS ‘23 Wildtrak OEM 4dr Tube Step / Running Boards

    Bump Price reduced 300 OBO
  17. Texas WTS ‘23 Wildtrak Capable Bumper w/hooks/fogs, Rear Plastic Bumper, Front Skid

    Bump $250 OBO Capable Bumper $50 OBO Rear plastic bumper $50 Front Skid Plate Willing to combine for a better deal…
  18. Factory Fog Light Switch

    There were a few you have to enable, including rear fog instrument panel. Did you enable that one? You canrefer to the Google Doc of all the Forscan options in this Thread.