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  1. Rough Country Muffler Delete Exhaust Hanger - How I did it

    I have the factory tow which makes it a little harder. I have shorter fingers too. So I did a video. I used fish line (pull line) and superglue to solve it.
  2. Mabett wireless phone charger

    NOTE: There is an instruction in bold below. Wheel Chocks, the Parking Brake, and the Engine off are important safety measures to do my workaround successfully. Damage to your vehicle or injuries could result if not followed. But it is obvious, so no fear. I just installed the wireless phone...
  3. Does a muffler delete like FlowMaster Outlaw make it illegal in national forest

    I am assuming that removing the muffler with a muffler delete kit like the FlowMaster Outlaw axle-back might make the FS stop you from using their trails. Anyone have experience with that? Why are dBs not reported? Georgia almost passed a law to allow up to 95 dB for enthusiasts vehicles. As...
  4. Where is my window sticker?

    Weird, but I am in production for 3/13 week. I got the notification on 2/2. I have yet to have had a window sticker generated. Anyone have an idea why? I don't think I am the only one from comments I have seen.
  5. Is the Wildtrak change because of Gross Vehicle Weight?

    With the announcement to discourage anyone from getting a full feature Wildtrak, I had a thought. With the Badlands, if you add SAS, you cannot get a roof rack as an option. It has been suggested that it is because of vehicle weight. So maybe if you towed and had stuff on the roof, there is a...
  6. I got really excited, then went, "I thought there was no scheduling this week?"

    Then I opened the message AND.... oh, yes, I ordered a Maverick back in October when it was looking like I could not afford a Bronco or wait until 2023. I got an April 11 build date for a Maverick. The dealer and I are going to let that one come in. They are working through their list. A Feb...
  7. "Dirt Mountain" Willow Run history - B24 construction

    I accidentally found this on YouTube about some past history of Willow Run during WW2. Since we talk about it, something to look at while you wait for your Bronco. ;)