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  1. Using Premium Fuel 2.3L

    4dr OBX 2.3L. Ran 87 for the first 6k miles and gas prices started to drop so I switched to 93 and have been using it for the last 2k miles.. I went from 21 MPG to 23 MPG and can clearly feel the power difference. If gas continues to drop I will stick with 93.
  2. Anyone figure out the wireless pad?

    I thought that at first too and may have to test the theory. The weird thing Is that I was running Wireless Carplay when it was originally working fine too. Sounds like the feature wont be very useful regardless which sucks. I like the look of no cords for sure.
  3. Anyone figure out the wireless pad?

    Case is fairly thin in my opinion and is the same case I used originally when it worked fine. I will test no case next time I have a long trip to make.
  4. Anyone figure out the wireless pad?

    The wireless charging pad in the Lux package originally did a great job charging my iPhone. After about a week it literally just overheats my phone while not adding any charge. Anyone else experienced this and figured out how to make it work?
  5. Wildtrak AFC Ram Air Shining Bright

    Nice! How long did it take for you to get your hood after ordering?
  6. Powertrain Malfunction at 150 miles...

    Bought my OBX last Tuesday and started having 2 or 3 codes start to pop up sporadically 2 days after driving it off the lot. One of them is the PowerTrain code and yesterday once it triggered for about the 5th time in 9 days I could not accelerate. The other codes that typically trigger with it...