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  1. Aux Switches

    I am installing the ZroadsZ rear bumper/dust lights and it came with a massive wiring harness with a switch, relay, fuse, and leads to the battery for power. I have the auxiliary switches and would I be right to assume that the power box that all the aux wire runs though would already be set up...
  2. Water in doors from rain?

    The last couple heavy rains we had here in Chicago I noticed some water sloshing noises while driving. Ended up my front passenger door had a considerable amount of water in it. There is a drain plug at the bottom of the door that I was able to drain but the next time it rained it had water...
  3. Outer Banks Built Email!

    Exciting email today! It's been a long wait, but hopefully it will arrive before Thanksgiving. Outer Banks Lux package 4-door Hard Top Carbonized Grey Black Onyx interior Reservation: 7/14/2020 confirmed at 8:20 pm Official Order Date: 1/25/2021 Production Date notice: 8/3/21 Roof Replacement...
  4. Ford Pass Points

    Has anyone that has taken delivery of their their MIC replacement and received the 1,100 ford pass points they promised for having to wait for the roof replacement? I'm still waiting on my OuterBanks 4 door "build in progress" since 8/3/21 and my roof replacement scheduled for November.