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  1. Chase Radio - Icom Race Radio installation

    I hadn't seen a full review/post on this so I thought I'd throw one up. I recently installed an Icom Race Radio in my Bronco Raptor. Couple things to note. Radio, Cable, and Antenna are from PCI Race Radio. Radio is old though. Radio Mounting Bracket is from Rugged Radios. Antenna Bracket is...
  2. 500 mile Raptor Owner Review/Opinion

    No one may read or care about this, that is fine. I just wanted to voice some pro's and con's and maybe someone has found a way to address some issues I have. Some of these issues may not be specific to the Raptor but I haven't driven the other trims so bear with me. Things I've enjoyed. On...
  3. Jay Leno Drives a 2022 Bronco Raptor

    Jay Leno released a video today. Not a ton about the Raptor but thought I'd post it.
  4. Delivered Bronco Raptor photos thread

    Let see those new Raptors!